It seems as though everyone is moving to South Carolina these days! And with good reason! The state has everything you could want and more, from gorgeous scenery to friendly people. For others, the palm trees giving their grainy beaches a standing ovation keep them coming back for more. Seafood lovers also have plenty to stuff their faces. 

But before you move to little old Palmetto, we’ve prepared a tell-tale guide about its pros and cons and whether it’s worth all the noise!

Life in South Carolina

It seems that many people can’t resist the allure of South Carolina. Its prim and proper image brings visitors from all over the world! Although small, the state is brimming with beautiful scenery and friendly people. 

This nature saw 22 million visitors to the state in 2016, bringing in $23.5 billion in tourism revenue. Also, the city saw a population increase of 5.9% in five years, meaning that if you’re moving to South Carolina, you must book your slot. And fast!

Pros and Cons of Living in South Carolina

Before moving to South Carolina, it’s best to go through these pros and cons to see if it’s your fit.



South Carolina will have you swooning with its beautiful scenery. From the beautiful swaying palm trees (yes, real palm trees!) to the magnificent coastline to the beautiful mountains, South Carolina has a little bit of everything. History lovers will ooh and ahh at the various historical landmarks, including the oldest state capitol building in the country. The beautiful houses designed over 200 years ago are also a great marvel. 

The People 

Yes. You heard that right. Ever heard of Southern hospitality? 

It’s served here. Warmly. South Carolinians are gently gentle. They are known for their friendliness and welcoming attitude; they’ll welcome you with open arms and make you feel right at home.

The Food

The food in South Carolina is something to die for. You can’t go wrong ordering seafood here. From fresh oysters on the half shell to steamed shrimp to juicy crab legs -you won’t leave hungry. The food is also fresh and healthy. You won’t have to worry about being unhealthy here! 

The Weather

The weather is …..well, it’s South Carolina, and it’s beautiful. The summers are hot, but there’s usually a breeze blowing, and it’s usually a chilly 70-80 degrees at night. The winters are mild, usually around 60-70 degrees during the day. The fall and spring are lovely, with temperatures usually in the 60’s. You can quickly adapt with minimum fuss. 

The Economy

South Carolina is an up-and-fast-growing economy. She makes her booty from agriculture, tourism, and industry. Every year, thousands of tourists chrome the grainy beaches of South Carolina for a vacation. Myrtle Beach is one of the premier tourist destinations in the country.

If you’re looking to try your hand (or foot) at business, South Carolina is the place to be. The state offers plenty of opportunities for economic growth.


Pricy Housing 

South Carolina can be a bit expensive. Especially when you want to secure a house on or along the beaches. You may want to consider moving to the non-coastal regions to avoid losing an arm and a leg when purchasing their beautiful beach houses.

Cost of Living

Before moving to South Carolina, consider how much it’ll take to buy a klondike bar, groceries, rent, medical care, etc. While the cost of living relies on your lifestyle, South Carolina has low living costs for inalienable expenses such as food and health care. However, you will have to dig deeper to afford utilities such as electricity, gas, and internet.

Weather and Climate

In general, the weather in South Carolina isn’t unbearable. In fact, it is very friendly compared to other parts of the country. However, like most of the Southeast, the weather changes drastically throughout the year. 

South Carolina is also prone to natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. But this doesn’t mean you have to avoid South Carolina! All you need is a disaster preparedness pack, and you’re set. 


We all want to live comfortably and with adventure – a combo South Carolina can offer. Moving to South Carolina can be a great decision if you’re interested in nature, weather, food, and friendly people. But before you move, research! And if it’s the best move for you, do it and enjoy every minute of life in South Carolina! 

By Manali