Manned Guarding Services London

Security systems have progressed a lot over time, and today’s systems are more adaptable than ever before. Many security systems, including digital security cameras and remotely operated locks, are automated and accessible through a smartphone app. This relieves stress by providing you with all of the information you need about your home.

If you want to go the extra mile and find more ways to defend your house than a security system. Or if you rent or can’t afford a home security system, here’s a list of some more options.

Manned guarding:

Manned guarding is one of the most successful strategies for preventing burglary and theft. And it is among the most proactive security measures available. It is a security service that comprises the deployment of security officers on your premises, either for out-of-hours security or for security 24/7.

The security guards are all trained to Security Industry Authority (SIA) requirements and are equipped with body cameras that record both aural and video footage, ensuring that your property is supervised by a certified security officer.

Manned Guarding Services London is a fantastic proactive option for your security plan, guaranteeing that your assets are safe and that your insurance coverage is not affected.

Keep valuables hidden:

The most important thing for your property’s safety is to avoid becoming a target. If you don’t seem to have much to steal, burglars may be persuaded to go on to the next house. If you have a luxury car, park it in the garage.

Don’t leave a box on the street if you’ve just bought something expensive. If you have a huge TV, keep the windows closed at night. The last thing you want to be is the lowest-hanging fruit on the tree.

Secure Your Front Door:

Although it may seem odd, one of the most common ways for burglars to obtain access to a property is via the front door. When the front entrance isn’t properly secured, the majority of burglars come through it — and most of them just walk right in. As a result, it’s critical to lock your entrance door.

Insert a deadbolt if you want to upgrade your locks. Deadbolts are safer since they contain a built-in locking system that can’t be pulled back into the door, preventing unauthorized entry. Also, replace your old locks with smart locks that include a keypad or a swipe card.

Secure the Glass Sliding Garden Door or the Back Door:

In addition to the front door, the back or side entries that lead-in from your garden are a preferred choice for burglars, accounting for about a quarter of all break-ins.

If your garden doors are sliding doors, as they are in many homes. It’s a good idea to take extra precautions to make them safer. A door sensor, such as a reed switch, that sounds an alarm if anybody enters or a glass break detector that detects high-pitched glass breaking sounds are examples of this.

Add Obstacles:

You can put various obstacles in and around your property, in addition to locks, to make it more difficult for burglars to enter. You can accomplish this in the following ways:

  • A fence or wall around your home effectively defines your property and allows you to see who has entered it.
  • Security Alarm Systems are fantastic; as soon as the barrier is breached, a screeching siren will inform neighbors you. Or the police that an incident has occurred.
  • Along with an active alarm system, CCTV Security Cameras are a great barrier.
  • To make access to your ground-floor windows more difficult, plant thorny shrubs under them. Inside your home, you may also put a few cactus plants on windowsills to make the entry of an intruder difficult.
  • For pet owners, having a dog on the premises as a sounder for intruders lurking in the vicinity might be beneficial. When you go through the door, a well-trained security dog may bring you peace of mind as well as a loving, devoted companion. Security Dog Handlers London provide supervision and care for your pets.


There are many ways to improve the security of your house. Some will only require a little extra attention and devotion each day. But they will gradually become a part of your daily routine. Others may demand an initial investment.

But they are still a small fraction of what a burglar takes during a break-in. More importantly, you’ll have the added peace of mind of knowing that your family and house are even safer and more secure, that is precious.

By Manali