Remember the cube from Portal who did plastic surgery, lifting, peeling and talking? In fact, in the funny Disney Universe game, cubes play an important role. Initially, we are greeted by a cute blue computer geometry guide who claims that we will now be immersed in the wonderful world in cartoons and just movies at the studio of the great Walt Disney. And the blue men, who are actually robots, they are also actors, will help us better feel the depth of the story.

In Portal, the Companion Cube weighted load, also known as the Pink Heart, is actually given to the player as protection. Only with a cube in hand can you escape from energy balls. And so as not to slip past this opportunity and get stuck without getting away, the developers separated the “hero” from the gray mass of other cubes with color, concept and warning GLaDOS, recommending that you take care of their geometric friend. Until a certain point.

The talking cubes at Disney Universe have nothing to do with the Companion Cube. Although we certainly do not know what inspired the developers when they put double artificial intelligence in such a recognizable form.

But not everything is so simple! After all, there is also a red-and-black “viral” cube with jagged edges and a hooligan temperament 15 minutes 4 me . This enemy captures the system, declares itself the main one and scatters aggressive robots everywhere (also red and black, the stump is clean). So if anyone was hoping to escape the next salvation of the next universe, know that military service is against it. We will have to fulfill our duty to never give birth to the homeland!

To serve the cartoon fatherland, a blue man dressed in one of the heroic costumes was given under our command. Jack Sparrow, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, WALL-E, Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts – in short, all imaginary and unimaginable Disney characters will jump, run, fight and perform small mini-tasks surrounded by different decors. You will have to visit pirate ships, the crazy world of Alice and the Hatters, alien planets and much more.

The extremely short introductory plot is fully compensated by funny videos that await us in the process of passing not only everywhere, but also on many parts of the road. In particular, before the start of each level. A masterfully played pantomime performed by two enemy thugs and a cephalopod parrot may not cause laughter, but it is definitely worth the smile.

And in the breaks between the videos, that is, directly in the process of the game, our blue character, dressed in the latest masquerade-adventure fashion, acts like a mime. Robots love to appear in costumes of Disney characters. After all, in the name of the costumes, we scatter the opponents with a pink broom or a giant sponge, jump over precipices, shoot cannons and drag with bulky items needed to solve the next mini-puzzle.

The fact is that at each level an evil red and black cube has captured a certain character from Disney’s creations. Its release is our main goal and a very useful thing for collectors. In the end, only for this we will be given another heroic costume, in which it will be possible to show ourselves on the next task. Honestly, the toilet was brazenly taken away by many rescues, who very recently made grateful sounds and made grateful gestures to us. Well, that’s right – “thank you”, you know, you can’t put it in your pocket!

How to release a prisoner? Just get to it by passing all the tests. Speaking of tests, in addition to the basic gameplay, we are occasionally thrown mini-games. If we come across a red slot machine on the way to a bright blue future, it means that we can immediately suspend all our current affairs and enter a mode of difficult pressure: all tasks are for some time. For example, save four dolls, like princesses, in twenty seconds, withstand a meteor shower or kill a number of red men. Sometimes it’s harder to do this than it seems at first glance. More than one attempt is not allowed. It did not work out? This means that you will either have to forget about your winning ambitions, or restart the whole level, which is very expensive, as our slot machines are thrown in the middle or at the end of each stage of the road. READ MORE-How to begin disney plus via

In addition to haute couture, we are interested in money, secret items and stars that raise the level of … costume. The hero is the same – a blue bot. And the clothes are different. In addition, our basic fighting skills depend only on clothing. If you would like to know more about costumes check out Blossom Costumes

You will probably ask: why do you need so many clothes, if only the current clothes are “pumped” in the process anyway? The fact is that Disney Universe was originally designed primarily for multiplayer. This positioning is also indicated by the tips that the cubes give us before each level and the management functions.

The game is almost a classic “walker”. “Almost” – because in the classic “rpg” the player usually does not have to solve fun, albeit completely simple puzzles for quick wit and combinatorics. And here it is necessary. If at first we are talking about the simplest single-wheelers, then the deeper into the forest, the more confusing the combinations of fat guerrillas become. Rotate the valve to lower the platform on which the magic sword receiver is located, insert the sword, wait for the rope ladder to fall, go upstairs, and use another valve to raise the elevator so that you can place the sword in another receiver. above – a completely normal sequence of actions, starting from the second level.

At the same time, no one has canceled the arcade elements. The traditional jump from platform to platform is diluted by not quite standard parrot cages, running “against the grain” on a kind of escalator and fuss with the movement of a mass of objects – there are rifles, and pawns, and watches for white rabbits, and something else.

Quite often you have to shoot from different cannons at moving targets, put out fires and fight yourself with giant crowds of enemies. Which, however, is quite simple – our hero is cool and almost invincible, just by definition. He scatters everyone with one left, although opponents do not hesitate to use terrible weapons without five minutes of mass destruction. Toy bears, bottles, brushes, brooms, candies and other oblong objects are used for incomprehensible purposes (shut up, officers, this is child’s play!).

In fact, the Disney Universe is a great example of how to make arcade games so they’re not boring to play. Constantly changing the types of actions, new tasks at each level free the game from the scary ghosts of monotony. Meanwhile, exactly the same type of action is the scourge of most platformers. The developers managed to circumvent this trap.

The picture in the game is as good as the original cartoons. Wonderful animation, bright, colorful locations – in general, what you need for such a project. No more and no less.

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By Manali