If you’ve visited Drifted.com, you’ve probably seen their awesome selection of browser games that cover multiple genres. However, among their drifting games, one stands above the rest. 

That game is Drift Hunters MAX, the expanded and improved version of their classic Drift Hunters game. Drift Hunters MAX provides a unique, realistic gaming experience that has earned it a very sizable fanbase. 

The gameplay and features of Drift Hunters MAX even allow it to go toe-to-toe with some of the greats of the racing game genre, like Forza and Gran Turismo. If you’re interested in experiencing everything Drift Hunters MAX has to offer, here are some things you can expect.

Fully Featured and Easily Accessible

For a game with 37 cars, 12 tracks, and a ton of performance upgrades across multiple categories, you might think Drift Hunters MAX would have a fairly high barrier of entry. 

Some full games will run you $60 and provide less content. But not Drift Hunters MAX, this game is chock full of content and completely free. 

Anybody can easily access the full experience from Drifted.com and hit the track in a matter of minutes.

Cloud Save Support

When you first load up Drift Hunters MAX, you will be presented with an opportunity to create a free account for the game. 

This short step is the key to unlocking the full potential of the Drift Hunters MAX experience, as it will allow you to continuously save your progress to the cloud and pick up your game wherever you left off from any other computer or browser. 

No need to worry about losing all of those drift points you earned or that expensive car you just unlocked. Drift Hunters MAX takes care of all of that for you in the background, so all you have to do is enjoy the game.

Elite Customization

When you get invested in Drift Hunters MAX, you’ll have a sizable collection of cars even before you unlock every single one available. 

If you’d like to get creative and make all of these cars truly your own, you can head over to the tuning menu to access all kinds of customization options. The most prominent of which is the paint menu, which will allow you to change the style and color of the paint on the body and rims of your car. 

Whether you want matte or metallic paint in any color on the color wheel, you can have it. You can even paint all of your cars chrome!

Impressive Graphics and Physics

Despite being playable on just about any computer, Drift Hunters MAX looks amazing, with crisp details and textures for all of the cars as well as the many tracks. 

Even just in the garage that serves as the game’s main menu, you can rotate your car to take in all the details and reflections. 

An overhauled physics engine allows for truly realistic and challenging drift mechanics to appease even the most seasoned car game veteran.

What are you waiting for? There’s nothing to lose with this free drifting experience, so get shredding on your tires right away!

By Manali