Advancement in science and technology has made human lives unimaginably easier. Almost everything is now available at your fingertips today! But even though technology has come as a blessing, it has taken certain tolls on the way too.

With technological advancement coming, imagination and creativity in young kids have flown out of the window. Nowadays, children are more likely to remain hooked to watching YouTube videos or playing mobile games instead of doing something creative. At the same time, there are several ways to rekindle your kids’ imagination, innovation, and creativity. Making them play at the escape rooms in Tempe can be a great option! 

If you are wondering how exactly can escape games help you to nurture innovation and creativity in your child, here’s how: 

  1. Uplift the problem-solving capacity of your kid! 

Escape rooms work by putting several intriguing puzzles and riddles you need to solve within a given time. The escape room challenges are enough to make your child think out of the box in trying to solve them. 

Your kid would have to make their brains assess the problems critically and solve them in a stipulated time to win the game. Thus, letting your child play these games can significantly enhance their problem-solving abilities!

  1. Open up a whole new world before your kid!

The world of escape rooms opens up a whole new and different world before your child. Compared to any other game that plays try out with your kid, the escapades can offer you an out-of-the-world experience. As the name suggests, these games allow you to ‘escape’ your mundane reality into the unknown world. 

With immersive sets, props, and a realistic game plot, the escape games are enough to draw in players of all age groups and hold on to their interests for long. The games will trigger your kid’s curiosity and poke them to start thinking imaginatively and creatively! 

  1. Enhance the intuitive thinking abilities of your child!

The moment your child steps inside the escape room, they will be taken in by the immersive setup of the game. The game promotes a sense of healthy competition to be developed amongst the players. It thus allows your child to possess sportsmanship qualities. 

As a consequence of the healthy competition thus developed, your child is made to incorporate intuitive thinking abilities as they take in the thrill of the game. One of the best aspects of this game is how your kid remains aware of the inexistence of any harsh consequence if they fail to win the game. This awareness helps them to start thinking freely and boundlessly to assess the escape game! 

  1. Work on the creative and innovative analytical potential of your kid

Escape games are all about the tricky puzzles and riddles that your kid needs to solve to win the game. Now, if your kid fails to successfully solve a mystery at a certain point in the game, the failure will make your child push themselves harder until they solve it. 

Your kid would learn from their mistakes and start thinking more creatively and innovatively to make sense of the problem before them. In this way, escape games can judiciously enhance your kid’s creative and innovative analytical potential! 

  1. Enhance the teamwork ability of your kid!

Escape rooms are nothing but team games, where players need to work together towards a shared objective. Thus, when you take your child to play an escape room game, they too need to work collaboratively with the rest of the team. 

As your child learns to work as a team in the escapades, they have to give equal importance to the opinions of each of their teammates. Teamwork is all about realizing each other’s potential and working accordingly. So, while working as a team, players need to bring each other’s discoveries to the forefront and make decisions collaboratively. 

Escape games are far more than just mere games to play. Take your kid to the escape room games and nurture their creative and innovative potential in no time. In a time when creativity and innovation are almost lost from the new generation, you can nurture the same in your kid by taking them to an escape room near you! 

By Manali