Everybody knows that Perth is beautiful. As a tourist, you must know that Perth has a lot of attractions to offer to tourists. But not many tourists know how to make their trip perfect and memorable.

 Just because of lack of knowledge about different places and tips you can easily ruin your holidays.

If you haven’t traveled to Perth yet, let me tell you that Perth is not in central Australia. It’s far away from the Capital city of Australia. It means traveling to Perth is not easy. But don’t worry; I’m sharing tips on how to make your Perth trip perfect and memorable.

You will read here where to stay in Perth and how to travel in Perth while remaining on a low budget. If you are going to a party or traveling as a group, party bus hire in Perth would be the best option for you.

Perth Travel Guide: Where to Stay in Perth:

Perth is an expensive city. It’s far away from central Australia, shipping cost is higher, and competition is less. It is difficult to find hotels or rooms at affordable prices. Though there are some resorts and clubs in Perth offering timeshare rental or resale online, one must be wary as there are a lot of scam artists online involved in a sell your timeshare scam.

You can stay in hostel rooms where prices are less as compared to private rooms. You can find a bed in an 8-10 people hostel room at $12-15.

In a small hostel, you can rent a bed for $18-20.

The cost of a separate room is higher than a hostel room. You can find a separate room for $46-50.

A room in a hotel will cost around $92-100. A Room in the private hotel has a private bathroom, air conditioner, free parking, and free wifi.

Usually, every hotel and separate room offers a complimentary breakfast. To avoid any inconvenience it is better to contact before leaving.

Perth Travel Guide: Public Transport & Taxi

Public transport is another most important thing every traveler should know about. Perth has a lot of tourist points, and you will need a transport service to visit them. Continue reading to learn which transport will be best for you according to your budget.

Transperth is the most convenient public transport service you can avail to travel in Perth. You can avail of the Transperth service at $1.70-1.80.

Perth train system is another easy way to move in or around the city. You can buy a Smartrider card from the station and enjoy the ride. So if you want to see various tourist attractions in Perth, the train service is the best for you.

If you want to travel on your own, you can rent a car from a car rental company. It will be expensive as compared to public transport as it will cost you around $60-70 per day.

Hiring a taxi or mini bus hire in Perth will be the last option if you do not like to use public transport services. You can hire a Perth taxi online for around $45-50 per hour. You might find it a little expensive. However, on the flip side, it is the best option if you want to explore Perth in the real means.

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