Are you looking for a professional tour planner to visit Dahab Egypt? If yes, then you should ask these questions before hiring them.

A professional tour planner has experience in organizing tours for tourists. They are experienced at finding the perfect itinerary for each group of travelers.

Professional tour planners usually charge a fee per person for their services. Before hiring them, Make sure they understand what you want from your trip. It would help if you asked some critical questions. These include:

Ask Them If They Have Experience Planning Trips Like Yours!

When planning trips like yours, it is necessary to know what to do when you arrive at your destination. The best way to find out where you want to go is to ask them if they have experience planning trips like yours.

This question will help you understand how much they know about traveling and whether they can plan your trip.

The travel agent who does not specialize in trips like yours may not have enough knowledge to provide you with the information you need.

Be Clear About What You Expect From Them!

As a tourist, you need to be clear about what you expect from a tour guide. If you want to visit a historical site, you should know what you want to see.

If you want to go shopping, you should know where you want to shop. If you’re going to eat at a restaurant, you should know what kind of food you like.

A tour guide will help you navigate through all this information, so you don’t miss anything important.

They’ll tell you about the history of the place, explain why it was built, and give you tips on what to do and not to do. They’ll point out interesting things along the way.

If You Don’t Know Who To Ask, Ask Friends And Family Members!

How much time do you spend looking for information on the Internet? Ask friends and family members if you don’t know who to ask. They might have some valuable tips or even better solutions.

There are many things to consider, like where to stay, what to see, eat, and how to get around. If you don’t plan, you might miss out on some of the best experiences.

The best way to find out if someone has used a service before is to ask them directly. If they don’t know who to ask, it might be worth asking friends and family members.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask For References!

If you’re considering using a service, ask them for references from previous clients. They should provide you with contact information for people who used the service and were happy with it.

Also, if they don’t have any references, this could indicate that they haven’t had many customers before you.

Check If They Charge Extra For Services Not Included In The Package!

A travel agent has extensive knowledge of the destination and its attractions. They also provide booking hotels, flights, tours, and car rentals.

However, they charge a fee for their services. On the other hand, a professional tourist planner does not charge extra costs for their services.

In addition, they provide services such as hotel reservations, flight bookings, and transfers.

Ask If They Will Provide Transportation To And From The Airport

Tourists often hire professional tour planners because they want to enjoy their vacation without worrying about details. Some tourists also prefer to travel with someone who has already planned their trip.

When hiring a planner, be sure to ask if they will provide transportation to and from the airport. It will help you to determine about their services.

Professional tour planners offer a wide range of services. They can help you choose the perfect destination, book accommodations, and even assist you with visa applications. 

Ask If They Can Recommend Hotels!

A travel agent or tour operator is someone who organizes trips for clients. They plan itineraries, book hotels, arrange transportation and even provide guides and interpreters. In other words, they take care of every aspect of the trip.

They offer their services to both individuals and companies. The benefits of using a professional include saving time, avoiding scams, and having peace of mind.

Ask If They Can Give You Advice On Local Customs!

A good travel planner will help you choose the perfect destination, arrange transportation, and provide information about local attractions. They also offer recommendations on places to eat, shop, and stay.

The best travel planners will advise you on local customs and etiquette so you don’t offend anyone by doing something inappropriate.


It is necessary to ask the question mentioned above to make your trip memorable. A good tour planner will ensure that your trip goes smoothly without any problems they will show you the best places like

Best dive sites.

Are you looking for a professional tour planner? Consider hiring. Visit Dahab! They will also provide you with helpful information about the places you visit.

By Manali