No one wants to wake up to an overflowing sink or arrive home to see a flooded toilet or tub. Yet these are incidences that happen time and time again. When this happens, worry is almost inevitable as you are disturbed by the sore sight it gives and worried about its source.

Thoughts and Questions:

Questions such as what are the causes? How did it happen? Begin to arise in your mind.


The continuous overflow can result in flooding causing serious damage to the house’s resting could also result in serious health consequences such as the growth of bacteria.


Although it is best to stop overflooding from happening than dealing with it, it is sometimes able. However, preventing an overflooded sink is pretty easy, as all you need is to remind yourself that floating happened as a result of a clogged drain. Therefore if your drain is clear, your water will flow through into the sewers effortlessly.

Not to worry:

I have prepared some tips to help you keep your drain unclogged. Provided these tips are adhered to; you would never have to call the repairer or have to fix your sink ever again.

How to prevent an overflowing sink from ever happening?

Stop getting rid of food particles through the sink: Over time, these substances come together to form clogs that cause blockage and eventually allow water to overrun.

Don’t dispose of oils through the sink: Oils look like liquid, and it is often easy to assume that they would go through the sink, but they don’t. In the end, they solidify and become fats and cause clogs. See here for Fort Myers treatment center.

Don’t get your hair in there: Hair might seem like just strands, but they can form clogs as well. It would help if you learned to use drains to filter chunks that can block your sink.

An overflooded sink, what should I do?

Block the faucet that supplies water to the sink while you get rid of the water from the sink or toilet. Make use of a plunger to remove the clog. If the clog does not clear, make use of a bucket beneath the sink drain trap. This way, you would be able to empty the water into the bucket. You would have access to the clog and clear the tap with a plumbing snake, after which you can reinstall the tap.

Wonder why you have a flooded Tub?

The major causes of flooded tubs are clogged overflow, leaky overflow tube, bad overflow gasket and an overrunning tap. Other causes are misdirected shower water and deep tub.

How To fix our Toilet?

o achieve this, you could follow the following steps:

Get a plunger, and turn the flapper to prevent water from entering into its system. The plunger and auger are used to recreate the right amount of suction to remove any foreign substances. If the substance is still clogged at Thai point, it’s best to get a plumber to repair it immediately.


Often overflooding comes as a result of clogging, which disturbs the flow of liquid into the sewers. To prevent flooding in any of these cases, clogging needs to be removed.

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