The Brain Injury Association of Delaware helps families struggling with traumatic brain injury (TBI), provides education to prevent TBI’s, and offers support groups for TBI survivors. You can help them in their mission by donating a used car using donate to charity a Car. Your tax deductible donation helps to provide much needed funds to a families who struggle with life-long disabilities associated with Traumatic Brain Injury.


The best case scenario for TBI’s is to prevent them altogether. To this end The Brain Injury Association of Delaware works to support legislation that researches the cause and best preventions for head injuries. They also support a TBI information and resource website. This website includes prevention basics for individuals, parents, teachers, coaches and health professionals.

The top three ways they recommend to reduce TBI’s is to do these three things:

-> Wear your helmet
-> Wear your seat belt
-> Don’t drink and drive

Many childhood activities like skateboarding, roller skating, team sports, and horseback riding, can put children at risk for TBI. These activities are fun and can be very healthy for kids to participate in but parents want to protect their children at the same time. Wearing a safety helmet can provide protection while still allowing sports and outdoor enthusiasts to pursue their favorite activities.

Wearing a seat belt is legally required in 34 states, but beyond being a law, wearing a seat belt is just a good idea. In an accident, the person not wearing their seat belt is 8.4 times more likely to sustain a TBI. Buckle up and stay safe.

Support Groups

Traumatic Brain Injury changes the lives of survivors as well as friends and family. The child, parent, or spouse they thought they knew is often very different and responds to stimulus in new and occasionally frightening ways. With counseling and support groups to help ease the fear and share valuable knowledge and experience, survivors, families, and friends can learn to navigate the new life they are living.

Support groups help to provide valuable skills for TBI survivors to practice in their daily lives: how to handle frustration, drastic mood swings, limited physical capabilities, confusion, and the other problems inherent with the diagnosis. With meetings held once a month in various locations across Delaware, they hope to reach and serve as many survivors as possible.

Your Donation

Your charitable donation goes a long way towards helping TBI families as they traverse this new path of healing and adaptation to altered skills and abilities. We makes it easy with free next day car retrieval, right from your driveway, and documentation of your donation to submit with your taxes.

If you have an unused vehicle or are thinking of upgrading your existing car, please donate your old Car. That old car still has a lot of “mileage” left in it for families in need.

By Manali