Even though the demand for affordable housing in the United States is high, there is less supply that is ultimately creating an affordable housing problem. 

More than 8 million house owners and 11 million renters spend 60% of their income. This not only damages the individual health but also develops extreme cost burdens. Apart from the local budgets and cash-strapped states, the lack of federal action has also enhanced the crisis-related affordable housing. 

Therefore, cities in the United States should find a proper way of boosting affordable housing. But will it make any difference? Here are the top 3 ways to improve affordable housing. 

You Can Create Affordable Housing Trusts

Trust funds regarding housing have been developed and the process is going smoothly in many cities. Additionally, the funding sources are also enhancing the low-income housing developments in both the cities and the states. 

14 cities don’t have any city-level funds. However, they don’t have any laws that prevent the local Government from establishing them. 

In many of these cities, state money is one of the primary sources of funding due to robust funds and the low population at the particular level. Both of these decrease the demand for additional funding from the local Government. 

Fund via Bond Elections

Since 2019, the problems regarding the affordable housing crisis have been expanded drastically. The extensive number of housing measures showed the local leaders what needs to be created to tackle the affordable housing problem. 

Most of these measures were proposed by the local leaders through municipal bonds. Local Governments have started allocating funds to various developments and projects through the municipal bond elections. This way people will have a chance to approve the spending strategies of the poll, says Maxwell Drever.

For instance, voters from Austin approved a massive amount of $250 million affordable housing bond. The bond will enhance the growth of affordable housing development. Apart from that, it will also support affordable homeownership, rental assistance, and home repair programs. 

Engage Big Companies and Businesses

While big companies such as Facebook are helping to solve the affordable housing problem, they are also altering the housing policy. 

Maxwell Drever says that various large technology companies and businesses have started affordable housing projects and investing to find a solution for the affordable housing crisis in the United States. Here are some great examples of big businesses and cities teaming up:

  • Recently, Microsoft has launched an affordable housing initiative of $500 million. This initiative would provide loans to the developers and help them reshape the affordable housing market. Microsoft has also partnered with the mayors of Seattle and other surrounding cities. They have also agreed to comply with the zoning and other policy changes. 
  • The CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff also backed up an initiative that would help the top-grossing businesses of San Francisco to raise money for homeless persons. 

Loosen up Zoning, Developing Rules

These standards will make it simpler for low-pay lodging designers to explore the city’s structure cycles and fabricate more financially savvy homes.

“The objective is to decrease administrative noise and lessen the requirement for reasonable lodging manufacturers to enlist legal advisors and to go through months managing City Hall”.

In the interim, Santa Cruz County in California is improving its guidelines to permit reasonable lodging.

Reasonable lodging designers can pack more lodging units onto parts than would somehow or another be permitted, and exploit cost-saving advantages through a “thickness reward” motivator.

Rejuvenate Neighborhoods

Neighborhood renewal covers a wide scope of exercises. It persuades change and impacts the financial attributes of networks.

The school-turned-reasonable lodging project is only one piece of Esperanza’s local renewal plans. The association is centered around four regions: training, expressions and culture, local area financial turn of events, and social change for the Latino populace.

Esperanza additionally assists with road cleanup, retail facade improvement, and tree planting, just as running a lodging directing system.

They’re additionally searching for properties to purchase and change over into reasonable lodging.


Remember that steady and constant housing is beneficial for health. One of the best ways to act is by asking the local Government of your city about their actions regarding affordable housing. This way you can help your community become more inclusive as well as connected through inclusive zoning. 

By Manali

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