Workers who want to participate in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System or OPERS program must fulfill all prerequisites before applying. The workers must have at least five years of service credit within either the traditional pension or a combined OPERS plan.

The claimant cannot receive OPERS retirement benefits when applying, and they have a two-year deadline to start benefits before their last day on the job with a public employer. If a claimant is eligible for the disability program and was denied, an attorney can help them file a claim to collect benefits. 

Review the Attorney’s Areas of Practice

An attorney’s areas of practice dictate what cases they can accept and bring to court. Claimants need an attorney who understands how the OPERS program works, eligibility requirements, and the appropriate ways to start a claim. After the claimant is denied, they need an attorney to review their claim and the denial letter, and the attorney advises them on what to do next. Start here if you need an OPERS disability lawyer to file a claim. 

Get Details About Their Track Record

Court cases are a matter of public record, and prospective clients can do their research and due diligence to find an attorney who is capable of helping them with their claims. Clients want to find an attorney who has collected compensation from the OPERS programs and helped overturn denials. Disabled workers need benefits when they are no longer able to work, and after a denial, they need to turn to an attorney that has brought several disability cases to court and won the claim. A proven track record is a sign of a suitable lawyer.  

Check The Attorney’s Credentials

To manage OPERS clients, all attorneys need a valid license to practice law, and they must attend a four-year college in addition to law school. Lawyers must pass the bar before they can practice law or even get started in the industry. When searching for an attorney for an OPERS claim, clients can review the credentials of all attorneys of interest before hiring anyone. 

Get Referrals from Previous Clients

If a client is unsure about an attorney’s abilities, they can approach previous clients. The attorney can release a list of clients who are willing to speak to the individual about their experience, but the potential customer cannot contact anyone who wants to maintain their privacy. Referrals are not difficult to get, and many clients who had a positive experience would provide details about their experiences and tell the claimant what they can expect if they hire the attorney.  

Set Up a Consultation 

During a consultation, the potential client asks questions and addresses any concerns they have. Sharing details about their case helps them gauge the attorney’s training and education. Attorneys can provide advice before the client hires them and give the customer an idea of what they will do to help them. Some attorneys require a fee for the consultation, and it’s recommended that the individual calls ahead and asks if there is any cost before setting up the consultation.  

Ohio workers have access to the OPERS disability program if they fulfill the prerequisites as directed by the program and have an eligible disability. If for any reason a worker is denied, they need an attorney to file a legal claim to get disability compensation. Read more about how to find an attorney for your OPERS claim.  

By Manali