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Subtle injury symptoms after an accident can be easily ignored. If you sustain non-life-threatening symptoms, you may think they are due to anxiety or adrenaline and that they will just subside eventually. If these symptoms are due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI), they may persist and even become worse over time. Because of this, you should reach out to RSH Legal – Iowa Personal Injury Lawyers, to understand your legal options after suffering symptoms in an accident. When left unchecked, a mild TBI can lead to the following:

Cognitive Symptoms

Depending on which part of the brain has been injured and how serious the injury is, you may experience memory issues, problems concentrating, disorientation, grogginess, loss of consciousness, and confusion. The severity of these symptoms can vary; however, they may not be apparent right away. After these symptoms appear, they may trouble you for a few weeks or months. But if you sustain serious brain damage, you may experience sudden and permanent cognitive decline.

Physical Symptoms 

A TBI can cause physical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, slurred speech, poor coordination, blurred vision, numbness, and tinnitus. Also, you may lose bladder or bowel control, have facial weakness, have droopy eyelids, and have difficulty swallowing if you have a TBI. 

Emotional Symptoms

A TBI can significantly impact your demeanor. You may succumb to depression, sadness, anxiety, and irritability. Also, you may experience sudden mood swings that lead to emotional outbursts. 

What Do I Do After Experiencing TBI Symptoms?

If you notice any symptoms of TBI, seek medical attention immediately. The sooner you get appropriate medical treatment, the better your prognosis. 

After an accident, it is advisable to seek immediate medical attention. This will make sure any severe injuries are addressed immediately, preventing complications. After your condition has stabilized, you must contact a lawyer. If you sustained a TBI because of another party’s fault, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate the accident and collect the necessary evidence to pursue a reasonable settlement. 

As you recover from TBI, you may not be able to focus on taking legal action against the party responsible for your injuries. However, there are benefits to working with an attorney early in the process.  For instance, this allows your attorney to get sensitive evidence before it is destroyed or altered. Also, they will make sure you can file a claim or lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.

By Manali