Divorce lawyers aren’t different from family lawyers; they just specialize in dealing with divorce cases. The first thing we need to understand is the family lawyer. Who is a family lawyer? A family lawyer is a certified legal expert who deals with issues within a family. Family issues may include divorce, guardianship, property-related cases, marriage, adoption, and many more. Divorce is a subset of family laws. An attorney who deals with divorce and cases related to divorces like child custody, post-separation property issues, and more is called a divorce attorney. So with the slightest difference, divorce lawyers and family lawyers are still the same. Reach out to Birmingham contested divorce lawyer for legal help.

Divorce lawyers vs. Family lawyers

Divorce lawyers and family lawyers have used the same term in the legal world. Divorce lawyers are those family lawyers specializing in dealing with a divorce-related case. A divorce lawyer deals with problems like separation of partners legally, child custody, spousal support, and visitation. They help you prove your ground during and after separation in court so you can get maximum benefits during a divorce. Divorce lawyers are more useful when there are disagreements or conflicts between the partners before the divorce. He explains the separation process and the associated rules and helps with paperwork and documents.

Family lawyers, on the other side, is a broader concept. Divorce falls under the broad category of family law. Duties of a family lawyer generally include – marriage, divorce, family wills and bonds, property shares, and every other legal issue within a family. Family law is a much bigger set of laws comprising many subsets, like divorce. A family lawyer deals not only with marriage and separations but also with subjects beyond that.

Divorce law is just a subset under the huge classification of family laws. But either way, both the terms are the same and have a slight difference between them. A person who is an expert in family laws will be capable of dealing with divorce and other related issues like child custody. Not only can he deal with divorce-related issues, but he will also be able to deal with every other issue that family members can face. A divorce lawyer can also deal with many family issues, just as he specializes in divorce-related cases. Divorce lawyers are more skilled than family lawyers who are not specialized in certain fields. 

Ending note

While choosing an attorney, you must keep in mind that you are choosing a lawyer who is specialized in his field of work.

By Manali