Morocco is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, with over 1 million Berbers living alongside Arabs and Africans. It’s also one of only two countries in Africa that don’t border any other nation (the other being Algeria). 

With so much to see and do in this beautiful country, I decided to spend more than six months exploring its treasures from top to bottom.

The country is incredibly rich in culture and history

Morocco is a country rich in culture and history, but it is also the only country in Africa with a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. And that is just one reason why I fell in love with Morocco: its people are so warm, friendly and welcoming. They are always happy to see you!

There are so many things to do here—from hiking through beautiful mountains to learning about Moroccan art from local artists at museums or markets. There are also plenty of opportunities for adventure sports like kayaking through reservoirs or skiing down mountainsides (the latter being especially popular among foreigners).

It is the perfect place to shop for unique souvenirs

In the souks, you can find an array of handmade goods and souvenirs that are not available anywhere else in the world. For example, in Sidi Kaouki, there is a shop where they make silver jewelry out of traditional Moroccan patterns. The patterns are so beautiful that they have been used to decorate many buildings throughout Morocco and even on American currency!

If you are looking for something more unusual than silver bracelets or jewelry boxes, there are also plenty of shops selling pottery bowls made with clay from Sidi Aicha. These bowls come in many different sizes and shapes—some as small as your thumb or larger than a dinner plate! You will be amazed at how unique each one looks compared with all its other counterparts around town.

And if none of these options seem quite right for your tastes yet…that’s okay! Many shops offer custom orders so if no one else has what YOU want just ask politely; chances are someone will help put together something truly special just for YOU!

The food is beyond delicious

The food is beyond delicious. Moroccan food is very different from the food in other countries, which makes it even more special. It is very affordable and diverse, with fresh ingredients that you can find at your local market or farmers’ market.

The colors of the dishes are also very vibrant and colorful—you won’t see any brown rice on a menu anywhere else! And if you are into authenticity, Morocco has some of the best traditional dishes around tagines (stews), tajines (stewed meats), shawarma sandwiches…the list goes on!

There are so many beautiful, Instagram-worthy places to visit

Morocco is a place where you can find a mixture of traditional and modern architecture all over the country. You will see beautiful old buildings, and then you will also pass by modern constructions that are designed to look like traditional architecture. It is such an interesting mix!

If you are visiting Morocco on your own, it is not hard to get lost in this beautiful country. There are so many natural sights for tourists to visit: mountains and valleys, desert scenery (especially during sunrise), oases filled with palm trees…the list goes on!

There are some amazing boutique hotels and accommodations in Morocco that are perfect for couples looking for something special but don’t have time or money to travel far from home. In fact, I even stayed at one of these places while working on my last trip there! 

By staying at one of these unique spots we were able to enjoy our stay even more than if we’d stayed elsewhere – they offer everything from butler service through private pools overlooking cliffs to rooftop views overlooking cities below…you name it!

The mountains are breathtaking

The mountains are breathtaking. They’re a great place to hike, relax, climb and explore. The scenery is so stunning that you can’t help but take pictures of it!

You will fit right in with the locals once you learn how to read Arabic numbers

If you are looking to travel to a country that is rich in culture and history, then Morocco is a great choice. It has some of the world’s most fascinating ancient sites as well as modern cities that are still full of life—and you will fit right in with the locals once you learn how to read Arabic numbers!

Arabic numerals are used throughout Morocco for everything from shopping at the market to making purchases at restaurants. These numbers are written from right-to-left on top with a ‘1’ being written above “2”, etc., so they are easy to understand even if you don’t speak Arabic.

The handmade goods are just as pretty as they are practical

Moroccan crafts are a great souvenir to bring back from your trip. 

You can also use handmade goods as gifts for friends or family members who love Morocco. It feels really special when someone gives you something that was made by hand in Morocco. You don’t need to worry about whether it will fit in their house because all of the products in this country are designed with practicality in mind—and they are beautiful too!

A little bit of bargaining goes a long way

If you are like me, you might be a little wary of bargaining. After all, it seems like a way to get ripped off at every turn—but don’t worry! Bargaining is actually quite common in Morocco and offers some fantastic opportunities to save money and get to know the locals.

It is not just for tourists; if you are living in Morocco with your family or friends (or even alone), bargaining can be an excellent way to save money on everything from food products to clothes if there are any discounts available for locals as well.

I felt safe throughout my entire trip

Morocco is one of the safest countries in the world, and I felt safe throughout my entire trip. When walking around at night, you can feel free to take taxis or public transportation. There are police on every corner who will help you if needed. The people are friendly and open-minded, so it is easy to talk about any topic that may come up during your stay!

You can find a mixture of traditional and modern architecture all over the country

Morocco is a country where you can find a mixture of traditional and modern architecture all over the country. The old medina of Marrakech, for example, is still very much alive and kicking. You will see buildings that have been there for hundreds or even thousands of years and yet they look brand new!

The new medina of Marrakech is also quite unique in its own way—it has an airy feel to it with lots of open space around each house. The old city of Rabat also has some amazing buildings from different periods throughout history; some date back as far as 700 AD!

The exquisite boutique hotels and accommodations

Morocco is a country that has all kinds of hotels, from five-star luxury to budget accommodations. If you are looking for a unique experience and want to stay in an incredible place, Morocco has something for everyone. The boutique hotels and accommodations are some of the best I have ever seen!

The most noticeable feature about Moroccan hotels is their location—they are often located on the coast or near mountains with stunning views. You can find hotels that overlook the ocean or mountain ranges from every angle imaginable!

If you are looking for a boutique hotel in Rabat then I recommend Story Rabat. Being one of the best accommodations in Morocco, it is located in the heart of Rabat. The rooms here are very stylish with high ceilings and marble floors. The staff at this hotel speaks English which makes it easy for foreign visitors to get around without hiring an interpreter.

There are a lot of reasons I fell in love with Morocco!

Morocco is a country rich in culture and history. There are so many things to see here that you won’t be able to fit them all into one trip. You can shop for unique souvenirs, eat delicious food, visit beautiful places and hike through the mountains—all while experiencing the true essence of Morocco!

All in all, Morocco is a place that will knock your socks off. It has so much to offer and the people are so friendly. I highly recommend visiting this beautiful country and experiencing its unique culture for yourself!

By Manali