If you are charged with DWI in New Jersey, you should not delay seeking legal counsel. DUI & DWI convictions carry serious and severe consequences, including jail time, license suspension, and hefty fines. While the law permits you to fight your case, hiring a New Jersey DWI attorney is important for the case. An attorney experienced in criminal law and DWI defense could be a huge resource and can potentially change the outcome of the case. Here’s what you need to know about lawyering up. 

How can an attorney help?

DWI attorneys use their experience and understanding of the law to help clients. A good lawyer can ensure that your constitutional rights are protected and check if the prosecution team’s evidence is admissible in the first place. You should hire an attorney if – 

  • If your arrest had no probable cause, it could be a case of unconstitutional arrest. 
  • If you were arrested but believe that the test results were unreliable, you should consult an attorney.
  • If the police didn’t talk about your Miranda rights before starting custodial interrogation, your statements could be inadmissible in court. 

Remember that the prosecution and the police will do their best to present a case against you, and if there is any room for doubt, your DWI lawyer will be able to spot it. Lawyers can examine shortcomings and use certain facts to their advantage. 

Finding the right DWI attorney

  1. First things first, ensure that the attorney you hire is an experienced one and has been working in NJ for a while. You may also want to know how often they take cases involving DWI and DUI in their practice. 
  2. Don’t hire an attorney who promises an outcome. A good DWI attorney can do their best to minimize the consequences of a conviction by negotiating with the prosecution, but they cannot do much beyond a point. 
  3. Ask about the fee. Typically, DWI attorneys work at an hourly rate, and depending on the case, they should be able to offer an estimate of the expected costs.
  4. Check reviews. If a criminal law firm has too many bad reviews, it is clearly an indicator of its lack of expertise. You can ask for references, but trust online reviews to sort DWI attorneys in your area. 

Finally, ensure that your lawyer has time for your case. A skilled attorney will explain all details and ensure that you are aware of your rights. 

By Manali