Dogs are friendly, domestic animals that can be perfect companions for most people. However, dogs are also capable of causing harm. Some breeds are more dangerous than others, although it mostly comes down to training and behavior. An agitated dog can inflict serious bite injuries. Because a dog bites with such force, the immediate impact can be severe, and besides physical pain, one may have to deal with trauma too. If you have a valid case, talking to a Los Angeles dog bite attorney will help. Here are some key pointers worth knowing about such cases. 

  1. California is a strict liability state. This means that a dog owner cannot claim that they didn’t know about the dog’s aggressive behavior. It doesn’t matter whether the dog has bitten someone in the past, and the owner would be held liable for the injuries and losses endured by a victim in most circumstances. 
  2. You have limited time to take action. California has its statute of limitations, which gives you two years to file a dog bite lawsuit. The count starts from the date of the accident, and if you don’t file a lawsuit within that time, the court will most likely dismiss your case. 
  3. The dog owner may have their defense. If you were trespassing the property when the incident happened, or you provoked the dog to bite you, the owner may not have to bear the consequences. If you voluntarily tricked the dog into action, your dog bite lawsuit could be dismissed. 
  4. You should hire an attorney. While most dog bite lawsuits don’t end up in court, it is necessary to hire a lawyer. Winning a settlement could be a lot harder than you think, and the dog bite owner would try to evade responsibility. Most attorneys in LA offer free consultation for dog bite victims, and you can ask about the worth of your claim. 

Final word

Suffering a dog bite could be a lot more traumatic than you think, and it is important to seek compensation from the pet owner at fault. Typically, dog bite lawyers take a contingency fee that’s payable after getting a settlement. You don’t have to use your savings to hire an attorney, and that’s quite a relief. Talk to a reliable lawyer to know if you have a valid dog bite claim. Don’t forget to discuss the expected settlement and facts that can impact the outcome. 


By Manali