jailbreak for iOS 15

Apple recently rolled out its most recent developer beta of iOS 15 beta 2, and iOS 15 now has support for iPhone devices from iPhone 6 to iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Apple iOS 15 jailbreak status  

For the time being, there is no stable jailbreak for iOS 15 and its beta. However, it is expected that the Checkra1n tool will soon be compatible with iOS 15 as it is founded on a hardware bug-based exploit. So Apple must do something else besides update the software to fix that bug.

Only one jailbreak that is currently being developed in Fugu 15 jailbreak.

Other than Checkra1n, @brightiup, an iOS security developer, posted a tweet on Twitter about iOS 15.1 Exploit Achievement, stating, “Much more stable now…”

The iOS security developer tested that kernel exploit on his iPhone 12 Pro Max that runs on iOS 15.1. So, we can anticipate that the Unc0ver, as well as Taurine jailbreak developers, might amalgamate this exploit with their jailbreak tools and can roll out a reliable iOS 15.1 jailbreak in the near future.

Can you jailbreak iOS 15? 

As we all know, the iOS 15 rollout is going to offer many updates for the former iOS 14.8 version. These updates include Memoji recent features, Facetime with Android and Windows users, “Shared with you”, Focus mode, Personalize Safari’s Start Page, Save Photo from Messages, and many more.

The jailbreak remains possible on iOS 15 despite the fact that there are a large number of great features. So, having more and more features does not indicate that there is no need to jailbreak iOS 15.

The most recent jailbreak for iOS 15 

Several developers are already testing different jailbreak tools and ways on iOS 15; however, most of these tools are useless. Moreover, some of those jailbreak techniques are partially compatible with iOS 15. That’s why for the time being, the jailbreak tools, including Unc0ver, Taurine, and Checkra1n, are currently unavailable for iOS 15 however expected to be available in the near future.

How to Jailbreak iOS 15 

According to techacrobat.com, users are soon expected to see the latest iOS 15 jailbreaks along with the most recent devices via jailbreak tools, including Taurine, Unc0ver, Odyssey, and Checkra1n.  

Why you must stay on iOS 14 for now 

For the time being, there is no iOS 15 jailbreak, so you should not update to iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 as far as there is an update to jailbreak tools, including Unc0ver and Checkra1n that have support for the most current mobile operating system of Apple. 

The reason why there is still no jailbreak for iOS 15 is that the California-based Cupertino giant has now modified rootfs in the current operating system. These changes to the operating system have made it very hard for the jailbreak community. Nevertheless, we have seen that the jailbreak community has always pulled around previously, which is why it could take a longer time to make a new jailbreak for iOS 15

However, now the famous Odyssey Team group, which used to offer jailbreaks solutions for Apple iPhones as well as iPads that run on former versions of iOS, has recently posted a tweet in which they shared the first image of the latest jailbreak for iOS 15, which they are naming “Cheyote” that is going to work for iOS 15.0 to 15.1.1. 

By Manali