TikTok has surpassed the stage of little kids showing off their dance moves and lip-syncing videos. It is a platform with endless possibilities having over 800+ million active users monthly. Are you a wanna-be Influencer? Start your career as an Influencer on TikTok.

For both business and personal development, TikTok is used by people. With its good algorithm, you can reach the top organically by showcasing your talent. Along with growing talent,  you can also buy tiktok views to connect with a larger audience faster. Here are ten ways to optimize your account to gain more likes and views on your TikTok.

Using Hashtags

Hashtags help your audience discover you faster via search. For example, using proper hashtags allows TikTok to show your content to relevant people. In addition, trending hashtags can land your content on the discover page. In short, hashtags gain better likes and views resulting in a good reach.

Unique Captions

TikTok has a feature that automatically adds captions by scanning your video’s audio. You can tweak it with the slang you speak and the language you use. These small things bring a lot of personality to your video. You can also use this feature and make communication with your pet videos. Once you capture the video, use captions to write what your pet is trying to say.

Trending Music And Sounds

You can also increase your likes and views on TikTok with trending music. Different sounds hike at various times from TikTok sound effects. You need not do the same things others do with the sound effect. Just use it in the background of your video to engage the audience with your content. Some brands even opt to use TikViral to amplify their reach.

Make Shorter Videos

TikTok is liked by many users worldwide because you can consume more content in a short time. Keeping your content for 15-20 seconds and looping the video can increase the views count. You can loop your video right now by using their 2-month free trial. As views increase, your page’s content is shown to more users. More views and likes result in organic engagement among your audience.

Consistency Is The Key

You have to maintain factors like:

  • The tone/voice of your content
  • The type of content
  • The quality of the video

You must also maintain the posting time, audio, visuals, and effects you use. Depending on these factors, a viewer can decide to check all your video or just one.

Find Your Interests And Audience

Always create content with topics that excite you. You can also easily find relevant audiences and have an engaging community. By referring to other creators, get an idea of what kind of community you want to create. By doing this, you can inspire your competitors and put out better content. Giving the best content naturally engages well with the audience boosting account activity.

Engage With Your Audience

How can you engage your audience? First, you must respond to their comments and opinions in the comments section. With this method, you can build trust, creating a solid follower base. An increase in the credibility of your account can eventually lead brands to ask for paid promotions.

Produce Quality Content

Quality content always wins over the number of videos produced. Quality content has two parts: the technical and other the concept of content. You cannot reach For you page without the technical aspect like high-resolution video, framing, lighting, and mic. You also have to work on the concept to capture the viewer to stay in the video. You can generate more views when a person watches your video on repeat.

Collaborate With Fellow Creators

Here you can connect with like-minded creators and be a part of the big TikTok family. Collaboration with creators of similar interests can increase your views and likes. Appearing in different creators’ videos, vibing, and having fun working is the best strategy. With this strategy, you can steadily increase your views and likes resulting in engagement.

Do Viral Trends

Viral trends are always the best way to get noticed by more audiences. Keep a close watch on when something is trending and adapt it to your style. At the same time, this style might be your opportunity to go viral on TikTok for reenacting a trend. These trends usually give more likes and views, engaging more people to watch your video. Always remember to hop on to the trend before it’s old news.

In Conclusion

TikTok can be your go-to social media platform if you are a new business or a new creator. You can gain deserved likes and views with a bit of time and effort. TikTok notes the number of likes and views, showing your content to more audiences. Create quality content you would enjoy and want others to enjoy watching too.

By Manali