Nomad Internet’s new backup connectivity solutions for Enterprise systems mean that rural businesses will no longer have to worry over losing access to online services. 

Designed for internet connections at the branch, office, and retail levels, Nomad Internet’s backup connectivity solutions mean that even the most remote businesses can stay up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week without interruption. 

“This is a game changer for rural enterprises,” said Jessica Garza, COO of Nomad Internet. “We know that if your internet goes down, you lose so much. You can lose the chance to interact with your customers, to answer their questions, and to provide them with solutions. You can lose sales. You lose data. You lose the ability to keep an eye on your business. But our new backup solutions mean that your business will always run smoothly, 100 percent of the time.” 

With a reliable backup internet service, enterprise systems can insulate themselves against the complications and costs that come from internet outages. Whether that’s through failed transactions, a lack of accessibility, or the countless hours of employee productivity that melt away, a lagging or spotty internet connection can wreak havoc on a company’s bottom line. 

The backup connectivity solutions are just one aspect of a whole suite of benefits that Nomad Internet offers for enterprise clients. 

Rural enterprise clients can use Nomad Internet as their primary source for high-speed, reliable wireless internet access no matter where they are. Nomad Internet also offers a parallel networks service that can allow larger businesses to segment their internet traffic in order to optimize speeds, boost website a performance, help manage the traffic that can slow or even shut down websites, and achieve a greater maximum bandwidth. 

The services don’t end with enterprise systems, however. Nomad Internet also offers backup connectivity solutions for other services in rural areas. Businesses that operate remote, internet-connected devices, such as digital signage in the country or web cameras that keep an eye on remote property or locations, can benefit from a Nomad Internet account

Another use for backup connectivity solutions are ATMs. A failsafe internet connection helps these cash machines stay connected, ensuring their usability even during extreme weather, and helps them maintain security. 

“We want to help rural businesses and businesspeople, and providing a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection is a great equalizer,” Garza said. “With Nomad Internet, no matter where in the country you may be, you can stay connected and keep up to date just as well as people in big city centers. We believe that when there is a level playing field for all Americans, we all win.” 

Founded in 2017 with the goal of helping rural communities access reliable, high-speed connections, Nomad Internet quickly grew into one of the largest providers of wireless services in the country. Offering their products and services to customers in all 50 states, the company is dedicated to helping remote business, travelers, rural residents, digital nomads, and others access the web no matter where they want to be.

By Manali