A person makes a decision on whether to trust someone within milliseconds of seeing them. This shows the importance of a good first impression. However, they may see this individual in a picture rather than in person. How can an individual provide people with a sense of confidence and let them know the person in the picture can be trusted? 

Professional headshots by Jason Guy Photography are an excellent way to achieve this goal. Many people have someone take a photo of them and post the picture on their website or social media pages. However, professional headshots are the better option. Why is this the case? 

The Personal Touch

Consumers and clients now do business with organizations and individuals across the globe. They want to know who they are spending their hard-earned money with or who they will be partnering with for their business. A professional headshot provides a personal touch to this interaction. When they are communicating with the person in the photo online or talking on the phone, they appreciate knowing what this individual looks like and feel they know them better because they have seen the picture. This encourages them to work with the person.

Become a Brand

Many job hunters today include a photo of themselves with their resumes. They also post this photo on any web pages they have. Their photo and resume serve as their brand, much like a logo and business name serve as the brand for a company. People see the photo and feel they know this person just as they see a product label on a store shelf and recognize the brand of the product. This gives them one more reason to choose the person over competitors. 

The Right Image

A person needs to ensure they present the right image in photographs. While it may appear wiser to have a friend take a photo and post it online, doing so can lead to problems. A professional photographer learns the goals of the person and tries to present the subject in the best light without having them appear arrogant or frightened. They know how to put people at ease to capture the desired look. The photographer provides advice on what the subject should wear and how they should pose, among other things. This ensures a perfect shot that projects the right image. 

Individual Accountability

When someone can see a picture of a person, this makes the person more accountable in their interactions. The individual must watch what they say and do everywhere they go because they know they can be recognized from the picture. They must also be more responsible with what they post online. They may post negative things. When they do and someone sees them out in public, they know about the comments and form a judgment based on what they have read. This may not seem important, but it can become an issue at times. 

A professional photographer’s livelihood rests on their ability to make others look good. If their subjects don’t look good, they won’t bring in new business. Keep this in mind when deciding whether you need professional headshots. Consider them an investment in the future and take the plunge today. This is one decision people don’t regret, as they see how the photos help them advance in their careers and lives. 

By Manali