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Dubai offers a lot of things to its visitors as it is always be the city of superlatives home to the biggest, tallest as well as luxurious undertakings the world.  An iconic Burj al Arab is the ridiculously extravagant hotel, is known as the world’s most luxurious hotel. Along with this, the Dubai Mall is undoubtedly the world’s biggest mall, with an area of 12 million square feet.  At the forefront of it all stands the Burj Khalifa; whose reign as the world’s tallest building is remained unchallenged since 2009.   With the futuristic Dubai striving to outperform itself, the question on everyone’s mind is ‘what’s next?’ however the answer to that question is Ain Dubai/ Dubai Eye, the world’s tallest observation wheel.

Ain Dubai- What is it?

Ain Dubai is world’s largest and tallest observation wheel at Bluewaters Island. Upon inauguration, Dubai Eye Wheel is standing at 250 meters as well as has claimed the throne of the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. 

The impressive height of this Ferris wheel will allow you to gaze at Dubai’s colorful skyline with an amazing 360 degrees bird’s eye view. Seems interesting? Obviously yes, Book your Ain Dubai Tickets now to celebrate this new year evening above the ground with magical views.

It is fascinating to know that the elevated views will amaze guests, as Dubai Eye Wheel also has a dining experience.

How to get there?

As it is mentioned, Ain Dubai is located in Bluewaters Island along with the Caesars Resort and Caesars Palace. However, you can reach bluewaters island by using the pedestrian bridge of Jumeirah Beach residence (JBR). Along with this, you can also get there from the mainland through a bridge from the Sheikh Zayed Road.

On the flip side, if you are traveling by bus, use the bus lines- 8, 84, F55A in order to get to Ain Dubai. Moreover, the closest station for public transport is Dubai Marina Tram.

Some Highlights of Ain Dubai

Dubai Ain– also known as Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel, Dubai Eye Wheel, and Dubai Ain. It’s one of the remarkable combinations of cutting-edge technology. Let’s know some of the fascinating facts about the Ain Dubai attraction.

  • It is surprising to know that the spoke in the Dubai Ferris wheel is longer than a football pitch. If you lay all the cable wires in the spoke, the length will be equal to the overall distance from Dubai to Cairo. It’s a distance of approx. 2,400 kilometers!
  • 9,000 tons of steel is used in the manufacturing of the Dubai Eye. The weight is 25% more than used in the construction of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Dubai eye wheel- a marvel of modern European architecture includes 48 capsules. The high-tech pods/ capsules are manufactured in Switzerland on behalf of the project’s contractor, Hyundai.

Cabins at the Ain Dubai

Ain Dubai features 48 cabins which have been categorized into three types, observation cabin, social cabin and private cabin.

  • Observation Cabins

Observation cabins are also called shared cabins you can enjoy throughout the day and night. These cabins also facilitate a special sunset ride of approximately 38 minutes. Book your tickets now for observation cabin and enjoy this amazing experience with your loved ones. Have a blast on this new year eve as you take in the splendor of Dubai.

  • Social Cabins

If we talk about the social cabins, these pods are significantly crafted for the people who want to have a fun as there is a VIP lounge access in the center of the pod. If you are looking for the Social cabins, three kinds of tickets are available named as Lounge Plus ticket, the Vibes Plus ticket as well as the Premium one. For more information Click Here.

You must know, the Lounge Plus ticket for Dubai Ferris wheel will gives you access to the VIP lounge as well as beverages.  On the flip side, the Vibes Plus ticket is an advanced option especially for the people above the age of 21. You are allowed to roam around the pod freely. In terms of the premium option, find yourself in a luxurious ride as you are provided with a private cabin. Enjoy your favorite beverages with stunning views above the ground.

  • Private Cabins

Private cabins are significantly available for various types of celebrations such as birthdays, corporative events, engagements, weddings and many more. Book a private cabin to enjoy wide range of packages such as three-course dinner with a rotation of the Ferris wheel.

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