The following types of Canada Visa Online are based on an applicant’s requirements:

  • Temporary Residents Visa
  • Study Permits Visas
  • Work Permit Visas
  • Permanent Residents Travel Document Visa

Visas for Temporary Residents

Canada requires travelers from other nations to apply for a Canada visa application online and receive approval before entering or transiting the country. Visa applications require the applicant to fill out a specific form, provide the necessary documentation, and pay a visa fee, depending on the kind of visa.

Visas for Study Permit

Study Permits give foreign students the opportunity to study and live in Canada for a set period, depending on the circumstances surrounding their application. The type of visa, duration of stay, and level of studies may depend on the profile of the applicant. Part-time employment may be available during the course. The study permit holder is allowed an extra 90 days after their course/study to apply for a visa extension or to prepare for their departure.

Visas for Work Permit

Individuals can work and live in Canada with a Work Permit. It doesn’t matter if the applicant is from within Canada or from outside Canada; the application can be done online or offline depending on the eligibility factors. If you are a foreign applicant applying under the Global Skills Strategy, you have the option of using the two-week processing time. Depending on the applicant’s nationality, the applicant’s age, language requirement, educational qualification, work experience, etc., the applicant can pick a program that allows him or her to live and work in Canada.

Visas for Permanent Resident Travel Document

Any individual who is a permanent resident of Canada must have a Permanent Resident (PR) Card in order to enter Canada by any mode of transportation. Certain PR Cards are only valid for a maximum of one year, even though most PR Cards are valid for five years. It takes up to 8 weeks for this type of application to be processed. When the applicant fills out the form, provides the documents, and pays the fee, the PR Card will be issued, which will permit the applicant to show proof of permanent citizenship.

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