Alenka Star Be

Alenka Star Be (in life – Alena Aleksandrovna Fedotova) is a young blogger and one of the most popular and likes of the Likee application.

She was born on October 16, 2009 in the Russian city of Odintsovo, and now lives in Zvenigorod.

Despite the fact that the girl is only 11 years old, she is already rapidly gaining the sympathy of viewers around the world. Mass interest in Alena and her creative work arose thanks to her creative and unusual videos in the “Likee” application.

Despite such a young age, the girl independently monitors and edits all her videos on the Likee social network, and her parents support her and help develop her talent and abilities.

Viewers love her for her bright and unusual appearance, cheerful disposition and wit. In the videos, Alena perfectly plays comedic roles, creatively performs popular dance trends, and also often removes vlogs from her everyday life. The quote is taken from “DesireMovies

Previously, Alena lived the life of an ordinary girl: she went to school, studied dancing and singing. When the number of Alena’s subscribers crossed the psychologically significant threshold, it became obvious that you need to create and publish content on a daily basis, which is not easy to combine with the school. The parents decided to optimize the process of studying and blogging by transferring Alena to home schooling. Thanks to this, the lesson schedule can be adjusted to your specific schedule and the necessary time for filming can be allocated. Despite being very busy, Alena shows good results in her studies and graduated from elementary school with excellent marks. Her favorite subjects are mathematics and literature.

The girl loves animals very much. She has two pets – shepherd Nord and mestizo Bella. Alena constantly films them in her videos and spends her free time with them.

From food, the girl prefers fruits and vegetables, loves to pamper herself with a quick meal (pizza, hamburger, etc.). He also loves sweets: chocolate, pastries and ice cream.

The adorable girly has a huge following, as evidenced by the growing number of subscribers. Today, their number on Likee is approaching 23 million, and on Instagram to 1 million. Alyonka calls her subscribers symbolically “chocolates”. Alena’s parents did not lose by supporting her in blogging, because, as her popularity grew, her daughter’s channels began to bring significant income.

Alena also has excellent vocal abilities, so at the beginning of 2020 the girl’s family decided to expand the field of activity and recorded her first song “HuniePop 2” (but it was released only a year later, so this is the second song in Alena’s discography on music services). The new song was warmly received by the audience, so six months later the girl released another song called “We are dancing.” Alyona’s performance with these compositions can be seen on the stage of the annual event “Likee Party”.

Many parents still have prejudices about finding their children on the Internet. However, Alena’s family is convinced that, in any case, it will not be possible to protect a modern child from all social networks and applications. Therefore, let it be better that the child is engaged in interesting and useful activities under the control of parents, especially thanks to such an application as “Likee” Pink sparkles has many friends, she has acquired many creative and useful skills.

Who exactly will Alenka Star Be become in the future? A popular blogger, actress, director or TV presenter – it is still difficult to say how her life will turn out in the future. Today Alena acquires the main thing – media presence, as well as the skills of creative activity. The “Likee” application has become Alyonka’s guiding star in the world of an interesting and vibrant creative life.

By Manali

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