5 out of a hundred thousand population die of injuries sustained from car accidents in Canada.


You see, sitting behind the wheel is a serious business that should be taken with every ounce of seriousness. This is why we have taken time to create a list of safety tips that should ideally keep you from harm’s way anytime you are driving.

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For starters…

Don’t multitask while driving

Unfortunately this is steadily becoming the norm in today’s society. Despite the various fines, fees, and policies set in place by government authorities many of us are still guilty of this crime.

Answering calls, rolling texts, are activities that require our initiative. So one is bound to make a mistake when any of these are combined with driving.

Keep below speed limits

This is another of the many regulations that are overlooked by drivers in today’s society. While driving fast would help you get to your destination faster, it adds to the risk of getting involved in an accident.

Obey traffic signs

Where the traffic light asks you to stop. By all means, please do. Where there are pedestrians crossing, please obey. Where there are other traffic signals on the roadside. Kindly pay careful attention and obey them.

Keep your vehicle in good condition

You owe yourself, family and others the duty to keep your car in safe working condition. At specific intervals take your vehicle to the mechanic shop for routine checkup. And whenever you notice abnormalities in the vehicle’s operation, find time to fix it as soon as you can.

Do not drink and drive

It’s simple! Where you have to drink, do not drive. Where you have to drive, avoid drinking. Otherwise you risk causing accidents.

Use your safety gears

The safety gears in your car are there to keep you safe at all times. Each time you are in the car whether you are in the driver’s seat or not, you owe the duty of using these safety features. 

Use your seat belt, most especially


Avoid driving under poor weather conditions.

If the weather is starting to show signs that makes driving difficult for you. Park your car in a corner and patiently wait for normalcy to return before continuing your driving.

Practice patience

Impatience has led to the death of many on the road. Each time you are behind the wheel, exercise patience. Do not overtake other vehicles at a sharp turn, or without giving adequate signals.

In Conclusion

These are important considerations you must keep in mind everytime you are behind the wheel.

By doing all of the above, you would be keeping our roads safe and keeping many others including yourself from harm.

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By Manali

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