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Maintaining your car is important. Not only does it ensure the life of your vehicle, but it also ensures your and your passengers’ safety. Regular maintenance reduces the risk of mechanical failures and the risk of being involved in an accident due to a fault in your car. Here are a few ways to keep your car in good condition.

Check Your Oil Regularly

Knowing when to change your oil is a good idea; it doesn’t have to be done just once a year. There’s an easy way to test your oil and see when to change it. When you first buy the vehicle, use its recommended oil, then check the dipstick every month. If it is beginning to look dirty or speckled, change the oil at the earliest possible time.

Get Regular Tune-ups

Another part of maintaining your car is having regular tune-ups. A tune-up involves checking the suspension and other mechanical parts in your car and making sure that the fluid levels are good to prevent habituation. Periodic tune-ups can also help you find leaks or other problems before they become more serious by acting quickly before they get out of hand. Plus, a car that is kept in good condition will be more attractive to insurance agencies too, which may reduce your overall ownership costs.

Avoid Running Your Car in Extreme Temperatures

When it’s cold, or when it’s going to get colder soon, you should avoid running your car unless you need to. The water in the engine cools down rapidly at low temperatures, causing damage. If you need to use the car, ensure that you warm it up properly before driving. Also, make sure you give it a chance to cool down after driving.

Check Your Tires

If you are heading out on a long trip, then it is important to check the tires. Check all four tires, ensuring they still have enough air in them before driving. Also, check that they don’t have any signs of damage to them, as this could cause them to not be safe. Your tires should be replaced if they are over six years old, if they have any tread issues, or if you ever have an accident with them.

Keep the Windshield and Windows Clear of Ice

Your car getting very cold isn’t a problem initially, but if it gets icy and you want to drive somewhere, the wipers may be stuck in a position where they can’t clear away the ice without causing damage to the glass wipers themselves.

If this happens, you should allow the car time to warm up. This will clear away the ice and allow the windshield wipers to work again. If your car has manual wipers, you should ensure that they are clean and clear of any debris that may have fallen on them.

Check Your Brakes Regularly

The brakes can become worn, which could reduce your car’s stopping power if you don’t notice it immediately. If you need to stop suddenly, then your car may have trouble stopping. This could cause you to overshoot the intended stop point.

The simplest answer: keep your brakes in good condition!

By Manali