How long your garage door opener will last before getting replaced depends on several factors, including the type of door used and how well you maintain it. So to ensure your garage door lasts long enough, you need to regularly invite Vancouver’s top-rated garage door repair company for inspections. They can help repair or change out parts so the opener can continue to operate at peak capabilities.

In case you’ve had your garage door opener for a long time and you are wondering if it is time to replace it. Well, this depends on how functional it is and how old it is. However, to help you make better decisions, it is best to examine the opener and look out for signs indicating that the garage door is due for a replacement. Changing it just for the sake of it is not economically smart. Keep reading to learn about these signs.  

Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

It Makes Noise

If you have a garage door opener that makes noise when opening or closing, it might be time to get new parts. A noisy opener can be caused by many factors, from dirt to corrosion. However, in most cases, the noise will get louder over time as part of the motor ages. If you want to stop this noise, replacing your opener is a good idea.

It Reverses Automatically

If your garage door reverses when it’s open and closed, then you should replace it right away. This is a safety issue that needs to be addressed quickly. You can call a garage door repair expert to come to take a look. If it is a fault that can’t be fixed, then the garage door opener should be replaced. 

Importantly, you’ll need to ensure that the new opener works with your existing code and sensors so that the door doesn’t reverse again after installation.

It Just Stops Working

If your garage door opener just stops working for no known reason, you should contact a professional to take a proper check first. Your repairer will tell you what to do after a proper check. 

Meanwhile, here are some things that could cause an abrupt malfunction of your garage door opener:

  • The remote batteries need to be replaced
  • The garage door opener is in lock mode
  • The power outlet is not working
  • The backup battery equipment is faulty

The Garage Door Gets Stuck

A garage door that gets stuck is a safety issue, as a stuck door can injure anyone if care is not taken. If your garage door gets stuck repeatedly, you first need to check the tracks. Suppose the track is dirty; you need to clean it and remove any particles that cause the problem. If the problem is with the openers, then you need to have them fixed or replaced. 

The Opener Vibrates

If you’re using an old garage door opener and it’s vibrating, it is best to replace it. When a garage door opener vibrates, it means that there’s something wrong with the drive belt or other components inside the motor.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener

Ideally, it would be best if you had your garage door opener upgraded every ten years. This is because new models are more efficient and have many features that make them easier to use.

Below are more reasons you should upgrade your garage door opener.

New Models Have Battery Backup

Most new-model garage door openers have a built-in backup battery that keeps them running even when there is no power source nearby. This feature also protects against any electrical surges that may occur outside your house or garage.

They Have Rolling Codes

New models of garage door openers have rolling codes. Rolling codes are a security feature that allows you to program your opener with a series of numbers. With new models, the code changes every time; hence if someone tries to steal your opener, they won’t be able to figure out the new code.

They Have an External Keypad

New models of garage door openers have an external keypad that allows you to type in your code without having your garage key. It makes it easier to open your garage door from outside by using the built-in keypad on your smartphone.

Since your garage is a major entry point into your home, you need to be proactive about making sure any damage to it is handled expertly and on time. 

By Manali