Chevrolet has set a deadline of 2035 by which it intends to manufacture only electric cars. This means that its combustible engine models will no longer be available to its customers. This is all part of a wider effort by General Motors (GM), its parent company, to go completely carbon-neutral at all its facilities worldwide. This means that Chevrolet dealers in Salina will have only such electrical cars on display for their customers when that time comes.

Making a complete switch to electric cars has always been an idea in the pipeline, something the GM executives have touted for years– an “all-electric future,” as the company puts it. Manufacturing electric cars is nothing new for GM and its Chevrolet subdivision; the Bolt EV and the Equinox EV are some of its cars that don’t possess combustible engines. However, by setting a deadline of 2035, GM (and consequently Chevrolet) has made clear its intentions to switch completely to more environmentally friendly vehicles. This will encompass all vehicles, including its robust SUVs.

Many of Chevrolet’s heavy-duty trucks, like the Silverado 2500HD and the Chevy C10 have become favorites among car buyers looking for fuel efficiency without sacrificing robustness. Chevrolet intends to provide clean technology for such heavy-duty trucks too; it is looking to develop fuel-cell technology that can be used to power these vehicles. While fuel cell technology has been in existence for nearly two centuries, its adaptation for use to power vehicles has only recently become a trend. Chevrolet intends to take full advantage of this trend by incorporating it into its future heavy-duty trucks.

New Battery Technology

Incorporating fuel cell technology into Chevrolet vehicles is just one part of the equation. The car giant also intends to have improved and upgraded battery technology for all its vehicles. GM’s almost-revolutionary Ultium battery is what will power nearly all of their future electric vehicles.

Ultium battery technology was developed exclusively by GM for its vehicles. This piece of technology utilizes nickel, copper, aluminum, and manganese as part of its crucial electrochemical setup. The company says that this type of battery can survive numerous direct current (DC) charging sessions– a testament to its potential longevity.

Ultium batteries are expected to be part of GM’s new electric platform for all future vehicles. It is also said to be cost-effective, costing less than similar types currently available on the market.

Electric Stats

All Chevrolet vehicles that will be powered by their clean energy technology will have similarities despite the different models of vehicles. For instance, all battery-powered cars will have an electric driving range of up to 300 miles on a single charge. All such vehicles will also have an increased acceleration capability, being able to go from 0 to 65 miles per hour in less than 9 seconds. Their battery power will range between 50 KWh and 200 KWh. These stats are part of modifications to ensure better efficiency and environmental friendliness.


Chevrolet and GM hope to improve the economics of their electric vehicles to make them competitive with those of other brands like Tesla and Bentley. The Ultium battery is going to be a crucial part of this improvement. For example, the current average cost of battery power is nearly $150 per kilowatt-hour (KWh). The intended target is a price of around $70 per kWh though the current batches being manufactured will go for about $100 per kWh. Such improvements will affect the overall cost of their electric vehicles, currently at about $40 000. 

A Line-Up of Electric Cars

Chevrolet was one of the first car manufacturers to venture into the electric car market. As such, it already has some familiar names as far as electric cars go. These include models that are already available to customers and others that will be released soon. The soon-to-be-released models will have complete electric powertrains.

Common Chevrolet electric car models include:

i)Equinox EV: This vehicle model embodies all the characteristics that customers have come to love about Chevrolet; reliability, safety, and the incorporation of the latest technology to ensure comfort. The Equinox EV is a true SUV that’s classy but affordable.

ii) Blazer EV: The Blazer EV is very similar to the Equinox EV though pricier. It utilizes a direct current (DC) fast charger, being able to add significant mileage in terms of KWh in as little as 10 minutes at a charge rate of 190KW.

The above models are reiterations of their earlier versions that ran on combustible engines. Other electric models include the Bolt EUV and the Silverado EV.

All in all, Chevrolet is setting itself up for a greener future by gradually phasing out the combustible engine from all its vehicles.

By Manali