Telegram, a popular messaging app(Telegram中文app), has updated its Android app and added pictures in picture mode. This means that you can now watch videos while also working on other things within the same window. The update was first spotted by XDA Developers, which says that Telegram was previously limited to full-screen viewing—meaning it would take up your entire screen when you opened it. Now, the app can resize itself so that you can watch YouTube videos while also browsing Facebook or checking email.

Video and audio calls with people in a picture-in-picture view

You can now enjoy video and audio calls with a person in the picture-in-picture (PIP) view.

To do this, tap on the camera button in your conversation window and start a call. The person you’re calling will see a bubble appear on top of their chat window. The same will happen if they call you – they’ll see your chat bubble appear above theirs.

You can still switch between PIP and full-screen modes by tapping on either option at any time during the call; just remember that audio and video quality may degrade when switching to PIP mode!

Telegram improves picture-in-picture on Android

Picture in picture mode has been around for a while now, but Telegram(tg中文app) is improving it with updates that make it easier to use. The update will allow you to watch videos in the background, which makes sense considering how many people turn on the feature when they want to watch a video or listen to music while working.

The update will also improve notifications so that they fit better, and you’ll be able to see how long your friend’s message is before opening the chat. You can also pinch out media messages if you want more space on your screen.

Matthias Clasen

Matthias Clasen is the CTO of Red Hat. On his blog, he wrote a post about Telegram’s latest improvement to its picture-in-picture feature. He wrote that:

“The new feature is available in Telegram for Android starting today, and it makes video calls even more convenient.”

You can read the full article on his website here:

Improved way to run video in a separate window

Telegram is a messaging app that’s often thought of as an alternative to WhatsApp. The company has taken the opportunity of the quiet holiday season to push out an update that improves the way it runs its video in a separate window.

While many apps offer video call features, Telegram’s implementation is unique insofar as it allows you to engage with other applications while continuing your conversation. For instance: You can watch YouTube videos or browse Netflix while sitting on a call with one person. This makes for an excellent way to multitask during work hours or when you’re at home chilling out and want some background noise (or music).

Link to YouTube with your video player

The Android release notes for version 4.8.10 don’t say much about the video improvements, but users of the app have confirmed that it now allows you to resize the video window, and has improved orientation handling. A few users have also noted that YouTube videos no longer seem to play in their full-screen activity, which could mean that Telegram is now using its video player for YouTube links.

How to update your Telegram app:

To check whether you have the latest version installed on your device, go to Settings > Applications > Application manager.

Open Telegram and tap on the Menu button in the bottom right corner of your screen (it looks like three horizontal lines). Then click on Check for updates.

Get the latest version from f-droid or Google play

If you’re a Telegram user, it’s time to celebrate the holidays. The popular messaging service has just pushed out an update that improves the way its video in a separate window feature works.

The changes are relatively minor: as always with Telegram, the server-side changes make it hard to determine exactly what has changed, but you can grab the latest version from F-Droid or Google Play right now.

Picture in picture mode will improve your viewing experience

Picture in picture mode will improve your viewing experience. Picture in picture is a feature that is already on iOS and now has been ported to Android for all users of Telegram 4.8. The feature allows you to watch videos while using other apps, or even after the app stops running (by pressing the home button). You can resize the video window to your liking, watch YouTube videos in full-screen mode, rotate them into landscape or portrait mode, and more!

Then you should know

So that’s it, fans! Now you can enjoy watching your favorite videos in picture-in-picture mode on Telegram for Android. Just tap on the video player, then tap again to expand it and watch at your leisure without having to worry about touching your phone’s screen.

By Manali