Were you in the market and confused by the myriad of Window Cleaner options?

Looking for a complete guide that will help you find the best one

Window cleaners on the market?

If so, get ready to dive into unlimited possibilities with us.

Here we give you a detailed guide to make your shopping trip even colder. No need to be confused anymore as the tips given here will make your journey interesting and easier.

One thing I have experienced most of the time is that it is not just about the brand. Multiple models with little or no difference create a big mess. Be a man! We will free you from confusing thoughts and start a complete buying guide for you. Full combination This set includes 2 mini cleaning brushes and 3 Vinduespudser brushes, which are adequate and convenient for gradual use and timely replacement. Perfect for quickly and easily cleaning window openings, door railings, corners and baseboards, corner drawer openings and sliding doors.

Unique design

The cleaning brush has a stylish brush head design, so deep cavities are no longer difficult and it is easy to clean cracks, corners, small cracks or cracks in the room. The 2 in 1 brush and shovel, a small and lightweight tool, is ideal for kontor rengøring, keyboards and corners and grooves.

High quality materials

PP material handle, comfortable grip, strong brush head design, scouring sponge material, good cleaning power, easy and convenient cleaning of sliding doors and windows and cracks, etc.

Easy to use

You can use a dry or wet brush depending on the actual situation. If stubborn stains are difficult to remove, you can use a brush dipped in liquid for cleaning or use a dry brush before scrubbing.


This brush is quite small. They are perfect for removing grease and grime from window cracks, blinds, etc. You can easily and quickly clean wide gaps of drawer door, sliding doors and shower door rails, windows, keyboards, glass door rails, drawer corners or horrible places. .Aspects

35 minutes of independence is 105 m² (about 35 windows), 100 ml wastewater tanks.

The width of the replete is 280 mm and the small square replete is 170 mm. weight 600g.

Charge 185 min

Modern design, 35 minutes operating time Very quiet (50 dB (a)) LED display with battery charge status

Lightweight removable dirty water tank (600g) with effective Double Sided Magnetic Glass Cleaning Thanks to the strong double sided magnetic design, the glass cleaner allows you to clean windows without risk to your body outside the window, faster and more efficiently. Both windows, simple and practical, achieve twice the result with only half the effort.

By Manali