Recycling various items is popularly practiced in many parts of the world. Several companies and individuals partake in this activity for many reasons, primarily to promote an environment-friendly lifestyle.

Although many people assume glass and plastic as the only recyclables, there are a variety of items that can be recycled in Austin — some of which are surprising. Residents can adequately clear junk to boost living standards once they know these objects. Here are things you can recycle.

Motor Oil

Most mechanics will store and refine your motor oil for recycling when servicing your car. You may also recycle this oil if you decide to change it yourself. You will find procedures covering motor oil collections and recycling in your city or town.

Old Clothing 

Several companies recycle clothing. Old clothing can be recycled and used in creative ways. However, other than reusing, old clothing may serve other purposes too. That’s because most pieces of apparel like pants and tops incorporate different components. 


Every year, millions of bicycles are disposed of in America alone. Rather than discarding your bicycle, you can recycle usable body parts. In addition, lower-income countries are a ready market if you have quality used bicycles.


You can recycle old DVDs instead of disposing them in your household compost. When combined with other components, old DVDs produce valuable items. You will find several manufacturers in your area who can re-utilize these components.


Computers carry with them several parts. In this regard, you can recycle several components in your computer. To get started, consult your local recycling program. They will give you great insights into home computer or laptop recycling.

Game Disks 

Game disks may stop functioning once you break them or incur scratches. But the good news is you can recycle them. Several manufacturers will utilize game disk materials in making electronics. 

Home Electronics 

Any typical home carries many electronics. Surprisingly, you can put them back to use in unique ways. Your local area may have recycling companies that repurpose electronics. In addition, proper procedures are when recycling electronics.

Packing Materials 

Packing materials come alongside your shipments, including paper, plastic bubbles, and Styrofoam bits. Each one has a unique purpose for reusing. You can recycle these materials for environmental protection.


Several people use their toothbrushes daily. In that case, they age fast. Instead of dumping them in your garbage, you can recycle them as their components like bristles and plastic holders can have different functions when recycled. 

Commercial Cooking Oil 

Commercial cooking oil is widely used in fast restaurants. Research companies exist whose activities are based entirely on this oil. If you are a restaurant, you may consider recycling this product. 


After utilizing fertilizers in your yard, growing vegetables, and producing flowers, you can recycle them. This also goes for large firms that use various fertilizer products in bulk.

Equipment for Sports

sports equipment may include yoga balls, plastic mats, and metal weights. You can recycle the majority of these items in your nearby sports industry. Other companies are fully dedicated to this recycling program.

Shaving razor

Most homeowners don’t recycle their shaving razors. For them, replacing their old razor is the best option. But these razors are metallic materials that can be recycled in different factories and may be included in other home-based appliances when recycling.

Construction Wood

Wood is a highly utilized material during residential and commercial structures. Your building may contain different types of woods. Old wood can be used to produce multiple items and wood products. If you have old wood, consider recycling.

Washing Machines

The news about recycling their washing machines catches most homeowners by surprise. Various parts of the component are usable in other devices. Surprisingly, some companies may purchase well-working machines for recycling purposes.

Christmas Tree

Although Christmas trees are used once every year, their demand in the tree recycling program is increasingly rising. In the U.S, old trees are finding new use as soil erosion barriers and bird feeders.


You can use broken eyeglasses for various purposes, including nose protectors, lenses, and plastic frames. You should contact your local optometrist for directives to better utilize these parts.


Bio-plastics are good add-ons for household composts. Some are favorable for composting. You can get information from your local regulations to properly dispose of your bio-plastics.


You can recycle rechargeable and single-use batteries, becoming a great business opportunity. To know the parameter better, you should consult your nearest recycling company.

By Manali