Dining out has been on the rise for quite some time. Fast food started gaining steam about 70 years ago, and sit-down restaurants began their ascent to fame just a few years later. Since then, people have increasingly been seeking meals outside the home. 

People are eating out more frequently now than ever before. Though the pandemic put a serious damper on the situation, people spent much of the worldwide lockdown chomping at the bit for a chance to return to the restaurant scene. Now, they’re not only spending more of their household food budgets at restaurants but spending more per meal than they did before the pandemic.

Ramping Up the Check Presentation Experience

With all that in mind, both restaurants and their patrons are paying a bit more attention to the check presentation portion of the dining experience. It’s no longer just a matter of getting a receipt and paying the bill. As such, you need check presenters for your restaurant for many reasons. Take a look at some of the reasons check presenters are more important than ever. 

Increased Discretion

High-end check presenters offer far more discretion than certain other options. In establishments where patrons simply hand their cash or cards to servers, there’s very little privacy involved in the payment process. That’s also the case in restaurants where checks are presented in basic plastic or metal trays. 

Why is privacy important when paying the check? Several reasons could come into play. For example, say someone meets with friends at a local restaurant. Maybe it’s a bit pricey or the person in question is making an effort to spend less, so he or she is using a coupon to help lower the cost of dining out. That’s a growing trend among patrons at this point. 

Still, the patron may not want his or her dining companions to know about that coupon. With a high-end check presenter, he or she can simply slide the coupon inside along with a credit card or cash, and others will be none the wiser. Discretion can also be key when someone is picking up the check for his or her dining companions but doesn’t want others to know how much the meal costs. 

Enhanced Security

Security is also a major factor to consider. Based on a recent write-up, a significant portion of credit card theft and fraud occurs at restaurants. While much of that takes place online, in-person theft isn’t unheard of. 

When blatantly handing over an unprotected card to a server, theft can easily take place. Someone at a nearby table can discreetly use his or her phone to snap a picture of the card and use that to commit fraud. At the same time, anyone in the vicinity with an RFID reader can quickly scan a card on its way by, thereby stealing the information contained within. 

High-quality check presenters can aid in preventing theft and fraud. They can keep cards from being visible to other people and safeguard them against digital pickpocketing. All that helps to keep patrons’ sensitive information safe while giving them greater peace of mind. 

Boosting Business with Check Presenters

Improved discretion and security are certainly important to patrons. Restaurants that foster those elements with quality check presenters can gain consumers’ trust, enticing them to become repeat customers. On top of all that, customized check presenters can help restaurants improve their brand consistency and enhance the overall customer experience.  

By Manali