The buzz of bell carts pushed by service staff to carry luggage to the rooms for guests is heard at the finest hotels. As a result, many hotel managers need to consider finding the right bell carts to transport luggage effectively for their valued customers. Discover which features to find for bell carts that perform well and function for years.

Fit the Elevators

When looking for a bell cart, it is crucial to consider the cart’s size and the elevator’s measurements for the right fit. If the bell carts don’t fit into a hotel’s elevators, they won’t work to carry luggage to all the floors. As a result, taking measurements of the elevators and bar carts to verify the carts fits all the elevators, hallways, and transport spaces in your hotel will be crucial.

Two Types of Bell Carts

Beyond taking the right measurements, consider that there are two basic types of bell carts hotels should purchase. One is the larger bell cart to carry heavy luggage, and the other is smaller for lighter bags. Both are necessary to move luggage from one location to another without the luggage falling and causing damage to the items inside.

Why Do Bell Carts Matter?

Many hotels have bell service people using bell carts to show they offer their guests the highest level of service. Investing in quality bell carts help brand a hotel as one of the better establishments in the area. Plus, travelers appreciate the convenience of having someone to transport their heavy luggage upon arrival.

Consider Durability

Durability is a crucial factor when selecting bell carts for a hospitality facility. The frame tubing should be strong to endure the test of time. Additionally, bell carts should have bumpers to avoid damaging the walls and corners while transporting luggage.

How Long Does it Take to Ship?

Another factor to consider is how long it takes to ship the cart to your facility. If there are already operational carts at the hotel, you can wait longer for shipping. However, if your facility requires them immediately, it makes sense to find a seller that offers fast shipping for a minimal fee.

Is the Bell Cart Already Assembled?

Bells carts must be appropriately assembled to function correctly and hold heavy luggage until it arrives at the rooms. As a result, many hotel managers prefer to purchase pre-assembled carts in good working condition. Trying to do it yourself could lead to poor results that compromise the safe delivery of travelers’ luggage.

Looks Make a Difference

Finally, the bell carts should add something special to the overall appearance of your hotel. Bell carts come in various sizes and designs to fit into any size hotel and environment. Choose a bell cart that complements the look and feel of your hotel to make it more special for travelers upon arrival.

When you consider the importance of hotels having bell carts and dedicated service staff, it makes sense to think of the qualities required for them to do the job right. Travelers prefer hotels that provide services such as carrying their luggage and expect the service to be done correctly. Look for durable bell carts that fit into your hotel design to take your service, and brand image, to the next level of success. 

By Manali