Tanning Salon

A fading tan can be disheartening. Although it’s hard to get a permanent tan, unless you are in tropical countries, a well-cared-for tan can last for 10-15 days.

How fast your tan fades depends on your skin type, the tanning method, and the rate of your skin cell regeneration. 


  • A natural tan stays for upto a week. After that, the outer layer of your skin starts to shed the dead cells. 
  • A tan from a reputable tanning salon can last for 10 or more days if you take care of your skin properly. If not, then it might last only for a day or two! 

If your tan has begun to fade sooner than expected, then you must check your skincare routine. Where did you folly? 

According to tanning experts, the following are the most probable reasons for the quick fading of a tan. 

1. You did not moisturize your skin well 

Your skin looks lovely after a tanning session – smooth, silky, and with a golden glow. But that does not mean now your skin needs no care. You must pamper your skin to retain that golden glow. If your skin stays dry, its surface will turn flaky and peel off. This will also peel off your golden color. 

Well moisturized skin shows slow regeneration of cells. This means your tan stays longer. 

2. You take long and hot baths 

After a tan, you must take quick and warm showers. No soaking in the bathtub, if you wish to let your tan stay for longer. 

Also, no swimming in pools that contain chloride-infused water. It can wash off your golden color faster than you think. 

Tan from good salons lasts longer than those from just any salon. Make sure you are at a high-quality salon. Search “best tanning salon near me”. 

3. You exfoliate your skin or use strong cleansers

Exfoliate your skin before getting a tan to remove the top dead cell layer and to get a deep tan. After that, your skin needs no exfoliation for upto a couple of weeks. So, if you cleaned your skin properly before tanning, there is no question of scrubbing it hard after tanning. 

Do your next exfoliation after 10 days after which, anyway, your tan will begin to fade. 

4. You use no sunscreen 

You got a tan does not mean you need no sunscreen. Tanning involves making your skin a shade darker. It does not protect your skin from sun damage. Sunscreen does. Sun damage on the skin can spoil your tanned look. Always use appropriate sunscreen when outdoors. 

5. You did not heed your tanning expert’s instructions 

Immediately after a tan, you must take care of certain things to let your skin absorb the tan deeply. Experts at the tanning salon in Boca Raton always guide their customers on skincare after tanning. If you fail to follow their instructions, then you may see your tan fading away faster than it should. 

By Manali