Bitter is bad, right? Wrong! According to researchers and doctors, bitter is good. You may have noticed that most of nature’s herbs and plants that taste bitter are good for health. They either possess medicinal properties or bring overall wellbeing.

So, if kratom is bitter, it explains a lot about its health benefits. The next time you buy kratom in Tennessee, remember that you are using a wonder from nature’s basket.

The bitterness of kratom shows that nature has packed it with medicinal properties and qualities that can bring wellness. No wonder, natives of Southeast Asia (where kratom grows) chew the bitter kratom leaves.

Why making a bitter herb sweet is a bad idea?

Many Americans suffer from the side effects of kratom. Why? Because they overdose on kratom.

But what makes them overdose?

The herb is so bitter who would want to take it more!

Yet, many users take it more than needed and overdose. This is because they mix kratom products like Super Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder with sweet and salty foods to mask its bitterness and make it delicious. For example, kratom smoothies, kratom pancakes, kratom yogurt, and others.

Amidst the sweetness and the deliciousness of the dish, they forget to keep their dose limit. They are tempted to add some more kratom powder. You can easily overdose if you get carried away with the taste.

Natives of kratom lands hardly overdose. This is because they chew the bitter leaves and it’s not easy to chew more than needed when the thing is so bitter.

How is bitterness helpful to health?

The human tongue has tastebuds. They analyze everything that you put in your mouth.

Taste triggers your digestive system thanks to the vagus nerve, which is called the “wandering” nerve by the doctors, as it touches almost every vital organ of the body. The nerve runs from the brain to the colon!

Role of the vagus nerve

The nerve plays a vital role in the gut. It triggers the gut to make the most of the nutrients and other good qualities available in the food that you eat. And this depends a lot on the taste.

Role of bitterness

Doctors have found that bitter taste triggers the nerve, which, in turn, triggers the gut. That’s why masking the bitterness completely of any bitter herb or food is not a good idea. By doing this, we are meddling with the “chemistry” of our internal system.


Looking at this discussion, it is clear that kratom is a beneficial herb. And if you are disturbed by reports of side effects of this herb, please remember it is because the user overdosed.

Whether you take kratom for mood or relaxation, take it in required doses only.

Also, before you add a dollop of honey or maple syrup to your kratom tea or smoothie, remember that bitter is beneficial. Avoid completely masking the bitterness. Let your tastebuds get a tinge of bitterness to trigger your vagus nerve and gut.

Mother Nature is intelligent. She made bitter foods for a reason.

Enjoy kratom in its purest way. Buy from a legit vendor. Search “kratom near me.”

By Manali