If you have a drug test fast approaching, you need the best detox to cleanse your body. A good detox can have multiple benefits, such as boosting the levels of minerals and Vitamins in the body. If you are a frequent weed smoker, you need to have and understand the best detox drinks in case you are faced with drug tests.  

You can get different types of detox drinks in the market, both organic and non-organic. Some of these drinks, especially organic drinks, are expensive, but you can also get cheaper options such as organic or homemade drinks.  

Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink 

This drink has a solid reputation as one ideal detoxing drink. It can be suitable for detoxifying even a few hours before the test. Besides neutralizing the THC concentration, it increases the frequency of urination, reducing the levels of THC in the body. If you have been called for an impromptu drug test, you can learn more on rescue detox and wait for positive results. After clearing the first bottle of your drink, you can follow it with 3 to 4 glasses of water. You need water to flush the urine fast out of the body. 

Lemon Juice 

This homemade drink is made of freshly squeezed and mixed with water. Lemon is essential for getting rid of THC left in your system. The minerals, vitamins, and hydration in the lemon juice are critical for encouraging urination hence flashing out leftover THC in your system.  

You can make it as many times a day to ensure you flash out all the THC in the body. It is not the best remedy when you have a few houser to the drug test day, but it can be the best organic remedy for daily detox. The other advantage is the cost advantage and increased Vitamin C levels in the body to boost your immunity. 


Coffee is one of the best homemade detox drinks due to its diuretic property. It increases the frequency of urination, eliminating all the impurities and toxins in the body. It is an antioxidant suitable for detoxing and purifying the body. You can also take it alongside Vitamin B pills to purify the body. It is one of the low-cost and reliable methods for daily detoxing; however, too much coffee in a day can be consequential.  


If you have active ulcers and cannot use other detox drinks which may be acidic, water can be the perfect drink for you. Water can dilute concentrated substances such as THC levels in the blood. It can lower the levels aiding you in passing the drug tests. Increased water levels in the body also speed the urination process, eliminating toxins from the body. If you are taking other detox drinks, you can add some water or take some water later to neutralize the THC concentration.

Apple cider Vinegar 

You need apple cider vinegar to stay in shape and detoxify. It is a natural cleaning agent to cleanse the body and destroy certain bacteria in the body. It is an effective remedy for passing hair tests.  

You can wash and rinse your hair with the mixture, which will dissolve all traces and impurities of THC at the hair root enabling you to pass the drug tests. Due to its acidity, you should mix it with water which will also help reduce the THC concentration in the body.  

Cranberry Juice 

The cheap, tasty drink will eliminate THC from the body. It helps you detoxify by increasing the levels of Vitamins and Creatinine in the urine. It is perfect for reducing alcohol levels in the body. It does not mix well with alcohol; hence you need to take some time before taking any alcohol, whether wine or beer.  

You can also add some citrus fruits to boost their effects. It is acidic, hence the throat or stomach irritation as you take the drink. It is low in calories with a higher concentration of Vitamins and copper to boost the mineral levels in the body.  

Nutra Cleanse 

The drink is ranked one of the most famous detox drinks and is suitable for lashing multiple impurities out of the body. You can use it to flush out the body’s nicotine, THC, and opiates. The kit also comes with a test kit to ensure your body is entirely free from impurities. It has 2 THC test kits to help you confirm your purity after completing the program. You can use it for 6 hours before a drug, but for complete detoxing, you can enroll in the 5-day purification program by Nutra Cleanse. 

Stinger Detox 

It is best to use it 48 hours before a drug test; however, you can also use it 60 to 90 minutes before the drug test. You need to drink more to help you pass the test instantly. While using it, you need to avoid any dairy products to enjoy the maximum effects. It dilutes the levels of THC and nicotine in the body while boosting the vitamins and minerals in the body. It is designed to help those with the highest THC levels. 


Passing a drug test can be challenging; hence you need a potent detox drink to cleanse your body of the THC and reduce the nicotine concentration in the body. While using any detox drink, remember to take enough water to increase the frequency of urination to reduce the levels of THC in the body. 

By Manali