The flooring of a home is one of the first things that welcomes anyone that steps into your home. It’s the permanent part of the home that gets constantly trodden upon and bears the weight of everyone in the home. In addition, the flooring also helps to showcase your style and personality. Therefore, it’s best to choose strong and durable flooring like vinyl flooring for your home. Vinyl flooring can accurately imitate a wide range of other classic flooring materials, including wood, marble, and stone. There are several stores across the nation that offer vinyl flooring but make you choose a reputable store that sells top-quality vinyl flooring. Read on to see where you can buy vinyl flooring.  

Harper Floors

Harper Floors is a leading online flooring store that’s highly recommended for flooring experts, renovators, and homeowners. They’re known for offering top-quality luxury vinyl flooring, solid hardwood flooring, waterproof flooring, and many others. This online flooring store serves customers nationwide, and they offer flat shipping rates. Harper Floors has been in the flooring industry for over 25 years, and they specialize in making the shopping experience easy for anyone looking for quality flooring. They also offer free samples, so you’ll get to see and feel your desired flooring before proceeding with the full order.

This flooring store takes pride in offering factory-direct floors to customers in the comfort of their homes. Their website is easy to navigate, and you will be continuously updated on the progress of your order. Don’t hesitate to visit their website to check out their catalog today.

Flooring America

Flooring America is another highly-rated cooperative flooring store that’s home to over 500 independent flooring retailers. They have several flooring stores across North America, and each store is locally owned and operated. They offer different high-quality flooring ranging from carpets to laminate flooring, tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring. Their luxury vinyl flooring comes in various designs, such as planks, sheets, or tiles. Flooring America offers warranties such as Confidence Plus Warranty that could enable you to get your flooring replaced within 30 days of purchase. Other warranty Flooring America offers to include; Price Protection Guarantee and Lifetime Installation Guarantee. When you reach out to them, they’ll help you find one of their stores close to your location.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc 

Lowe’s Companies, Inc, commonly called Lowe’s, is a reputable American retail company that specializes in home improvement. They offer various products such as home appliances, kitchen appliances, lawn and garden supplies and equipment, lighting and ceiling fans, floorings, and many more. They have a wide range of flooring types, including vinyl flooring. Whether you want waterproof vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, vinyl tiles, and several others, Lowe’s has them in store for you. They partner with various vinyl flooring brands to effectively meet the needs of flooring experts and homeowners. They also offer free store pickup, installation services, and product warranties.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is your one-stop shop for your home decor, furniture, kitchenware, flooring, and many more. You can shop for quality vinyl flooring in this store. They have a variety of vinyl floorings, such as plank vinyl flooring, click and lock, antimicrobial vinyl flooring, scratch-resistant flooring, and several others. Their vinyl flooring comes in various colors, including gray, black, brown, and more. The Home Depot offers affordable prices and warranties on its flooring. In addition, they have a team of experienced flooring contractors who are licensed and insured.


Wayfair is another highly-rated store that offers a wide range of products such as kitchen appliances, home appliances, Decorations, bedding, furniture, floorings, and more. Their vinyl flooring is in different styles and colors and is made by various leading vinyl flooring manufacturers. When you buy vinyl flooring that’s above $35, you get to enjoy their free and fast shipping to your location. Wayfair partners with reputable financial service providers to offer financing options to their customers. Therefore, with their financing options, you can conveniently pay for your desired vinyl flooring over a period. 


FlooringInc offers a vast range of flooring for homeowners, gyms, commercial properties, and many more. It offers monthly discounts on various products, including vinyl flooring. They take pride in offering outstanding services and products to their clients across the country. When you shop with them, you’ll enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee to clients in Canada and the United States. 

In conclusion, be sure to visit any of these stores to enjoy a quality shopping experience for vinyl flooring.

By Manali