If you run a global business, offering standard business times will serve your customers very little. Besides, not all customer issues occur between 9-5.

While your business can’t be open 24/7, your IT support can. Focusing on after-hours IT support provides the ideal service that most customers desire. Presently, there are DevOps roles organizations need to succeed, and that’s why many businesses are embracing the technology.

More specifically, they are a great way to differentiate your business from others. Aside from knowing the benefits, you must choose a suitable 24/7 IT support service provider.

What’s All About Cloud Support Services?

A professional vendor offers cloud support services to ensure secure data and resource creation, storage, and transfer. Also, you’ll get monitoring services for vital customer-based applications and the entire cloud network. 

Usually, a detailed 24/7 support package features status reporting, communication, onboarding, SLA options, and a dedicated support line number.

What is 24/7 Application Support?

24/7 IT application support refers to businesses engaging with customers continuously. In short, it’s a way for businesses to show up whenever customers need attention.

Typically, the most popular means of 24/7 support involve live chats and chatbots. These automatic support methods come fully equipped with responses to different customer queries.

Generally, customers hate waiting and want quick responses. With a 24/7 support team, customers would get resolutions to their problems with clarity and promptness.

In the end, a happy customer becomes satisfied and remains loyal.

What Is the Importance of 24/7 IT Support?

Undeniably, 24/7 support does a lot more than communication. Here are more benefits;

  • Build Your Reputation: Whether happy or unhappy, every customer spreads the word about their experience with your business. Good 24/7 support makes customers happy, and they won’t hesitate to share their experiences. Once you build a good reputation, your business gets more customers.
  • Customer Accessibility: Nothing frustrates a customer more than waiting. While most businesses offer support only during business hours, 24/7 application support would help a lot. This will ensure customers get access to you whenever the need arises and don’t have to wait until the following day. 
  • High Responsiveness: Besides the automated chatbots, cloud services also offer agent monitoring. When an agent is monitoring and responding to live chats, it boosts customer interaction. This way, customers see that you care enough to solve their problems anytime.
  • Competitive Advantage: With most businesses using the standard working hours and days, a 24/7 support system will make you stand out from the rest.
  • Increased sales: Around-the-clock support significantly increases conversions. Live chats can easily make a customer purchase the desired product or service. By offering live chat support, customers have all their questions answered immediately, impacting their decision to purchase immediately. This also helps reduce the time for the sales cycle while improving the overall customer experience.
  • Efficiency: 24/7 application support means that nobody is overworking. Instead of a team coming in the morning to handle a backlog of customer problems that occurred during off-work hours, there’ll be timely and efficient issue handling. Better still, each customer will get proper attention without being rushed because of a long line in waiting.
  • Cost-effective: Each business should have 24/7 cloud support services to protect its data, users, network, and devices. However, an in-house support infrastructure is expensive to install and maintain. Therefore, hiring a managed network support is cost-effective and helps your business operations flow seamlessly.

Who Needs It?

Offering 24/7 support is inevitable for growing businesses. However, support services depend on the company, industry, and target audience.

Check out the following indicators on who needs to have 24/7 support in their business.

1.     If You Have Global Customer Base

If your business has customers spread globally in different time zones, offering just 9-to-5 support in your local time has a significant disadvantage to your worldwide customers.

As soon as your business starts reaching new regions or there’s a steady increase in global sales, it’s clear that you should start offering round-the-clock support. Besides, everybody needs the right and timely attention whenever they ask for it!

2.     If You Require 24/7 Support

Typically, most businesses are now adapting to the 24/7 support system based on their convenience and not a necessity. However, industries like healthcare, security, and insurance, need day and night support.

When such customers call for support, they are likely having emergencies and need responses for assistance immediately.

3.     If Queries Come in After-Hours

If you notice that you wake up to more queries that occur during closed business hours, it’s a good sign of change.

Offering 24/7 support allows you not to miss and even lose any of your clients when they need you the most. Besides, statistics show that 89% of customers easily switch brands after an unpleasant experience.

Still, it’ll reduce the backlog to handle the following day.

4.     If You Want Customers to Have a Better Experience

What’s better than being there for your customers anytime they reach out? Showing your customers that you are always available is a significant sign of care and improves customer experience.

The worst times are when you experience technical issues. Such times keep you off the radar for as long as the issue is fixed. This can make you lose a client or make them feel unsatisfied.

Therefore, solving tech problems promptly will save you and your customer’s frustrations and time. Nonetheless, a good support provider offers a way of communicating with your customers when sudden tech issues occur. 

Such communication shows the client that something unavoidable happened, but you are doing your best to resolve it and get back to serving them as soon as possible. Generally, the main point is to enable client satisfaction to make future interactions easier and better.

Thankfully, DevOps trends and statistics reveal that the technology matches the ever-changing and fast-paced workplaces. DevOps make possible timely deliveries and faster processing times. 

This has become fundamental in application development for organizational growth. It’s no surprise the market size is projected to attain $37,227 million by 2030.

Final Word

Business technology is crucial in this digital age. However, computers and systems may crash, which will likely halt several businesses. While this majorly affects most businesses negatively, all is not lost. Integrating 24/7 IT support will keep your business running.

24/7 application support also means you can solve all your problems immediately. Now, you don’t have to wait for the weekend or holiday to be over or until the next day for the business to open.

With 24/7 IT support, your IT team is ready to fix any issue as soon as it occurs. This will not just reduce the losses from the problems but will also save you and the customer time and stress.

Get reliable 24/7 IT support for your business and enjoy work flowing as it should, even without your physical presence.

By Manali