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Carbon fiber is a polymer which is made up of carbon atoms. The carbon atoms are linked together to form long chains. If we talk about the properties of carbon fiber then its properties are similar to that of steel but its weigh is as light as plastic. These are about 5 to 10 mm in diameter. Carbon fiber has highest tensile strength, higher stiffness and low weight. Due to its low weight it is used in many application. This light fiber helps them to work efficiently and fast. The carbon fiber has high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. The carbon fiber is commonly made up of polyacrylonitrile.

What is twill carbon fiber tube?

This time is roll wrapped from one direction. Twill carbon fiber tube is beautiful as compared to that of the plain carbon fiber tube. This graphite fiber tube has excellent torsional characteristics and it also has excellent crush strength. These tubes are good for high torque applications. These round tubes are the best choice for making lightweight frames and structures, tubular vessels, poles, column supports and these tubes are a best choice for such applications in which low weight tubes are required. These tubes have a beautiful design.

Properties of twill carbon fiber tube:

There are many features of twill carbon fiber round tube but some of these features are discussed here.

  • These tubes have high strength to weight ratio and high stiffness to weight ratio.
  • Resistance to fatigue.
  • As these tubes have low thermal expansion so they have dimensional stability.
  • Some carbon fiber tubes are made up of impure materials but twill carbon fiber tube is made up of 100 % pure carbon fiber.
  • These tubes have pin hole free high mate cosmetic.
  • You can cut these carbon fiber tubes according to your requirement.
  • Many size of lengths are available means that you can get the carbon fiber tube of the size you want. You just have to tell the companies that which length of time you want they will give you the tube that is according to your order.
  • Like length you can also select the diameter of the twill carbon fiber tube. So you can get the exact size of tube that you want.
  • The permeability of resin of twill carbon fiber tube is so good as compared to the permeability of resin of plain carbon fiber tube.

What is meant by carbon fiber tube factory?

Carbon fiber tube factory means that the place where these fiber tubes are manufactured. There are many companies that manufacture carbon fiber tube but here we have discussed some best carbon fiber manufacturing companies in US:

  1. Hexcel.
  2. Mitsubishi Chemical carbon fiber and composites.
  • Hexcel:

This company is located in US. And This company was founded in 1948.  This company manufactures PAN carbon fibers. This company is very successful in aerospace market. As we know that carbon fiber has high strength and resistance due to galvanic corrosion that takes place in space, because of it’s these features it is used instead of aluminum.

  • Solvay Composite Materials:

The Solvay composites manufacture two types of carbon fiber. One is continuous carbon fiber and the other is discontinuous carbon fiber. Both these fibers have different uses in different applications. Continuous carbon fiber are best for the aerospace applications and discontinuous carbon fiber with Thermoplastics is used for molding of injections.

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