The product tour has to be simple, interactive and provide value to the product. It should investigate the users to purchase products on their own. There are a lot of tools that enable you to get started. The concept of learning new software may turn out to be a daunting task. Without any help a first time user is bound to be become frustrated. There are a series of benefits obtained from product tour software and there are a few tips to follow so as to make the task a handy one.

No matter on how tech savvy a customer is they are bound to face challenges in the use of a product. A SaaS product would provide numerous choices from pages explored to customized choices that may tend to overwhelm the new users and ensure they tend to be successful on the given platform. The utility of a product tour is that it would guide the users towards the first step in the using of a product.

The process in place to have an effective product tour

It is not that all product tours may turn out to be effective. If it turns out to be complex, the clients may opt out if the user experience is being close to over. To make the product tutorial effective   as possible there are a few points to keep in mind.

Keep things simple

A quality product tour tends to be simple. Ideally the process of on boarding should be in less than five steps at the most. A user may not be finishing a product tour that is not too long or complex and it would mean they are not getting into the functionality that would of help to them the most.

Once the mapping of on boarding process is over, the series of steps would formulate a positive experience for the users. Any new or additional steps would be split into a separate product tour.

The focus has to be on value creation

The main objective of a product tour is to develop value for the customers. The sooner you are able to understand on how a product would help, the sooner digital adoption may become. For simplicity sake you do not want to be explaining each feature. Rather the focus has to be on SaaS core product as it would emphasized during the course of a product.

An example is that your product is a photo editing software. The main value of a mobile app has to be the convenience aspect. When you are developing your product tour you need to formulate the five steps that enables creation of the photo editing fast. An example is that you may highlight the uploaded photo along with the sharing features of the photos.

The question is how to understand about the core values. It is better to have an understanding about the audience. Check out what the problems you will be able to solve for them and the reasons they are regularly using the product over time.

The onus has to be on small actions

If the product tour is great it may guide the users towards product activation. Though selling your product immediately is a no brainer. An approach of too much sales at the starting phase is going to backfire before the customers understand the value of the product. Rather than an ultimate conversation, every step as part of the product tour should be helping the users towards small but vital actions on the platform. An example is when it relates to social media management you would want the customers to make their first post.

Every action tends to be meaningful as the interest of the users will shoot up. Once the product tour is over you will be able to choose a paid subscription without any pressure. For a newly availed subscriber consider an additional tour guide so that they can unlock the features better.

These are a series of steps that would throw light on how to launch the product walkthrough. Now comes the next stage on how you are going about the process. You need to be precise on how you want the product tour to be like.

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