With the recent increase in internet users, the need for businesses to focus on digital marketing is on the rise. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of digital agencies coming up to satisfy the needs of most businesses. This rise in the number of digital marketing agencies has also led to a lot of competition between the agencies, so how do you make your digital agency stand out?

While there are many things involved in running an agency, being able to set the stage that would enable and support growth is vital to the success of your digital marketing agency. Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of different tips to help you scale your digital marketing agency. But before then, you should also check out this link; http://sobeviral.com/how-to-grow-and-scale-a-digital-marketing-agency.

So, let’s get started.

Hiring Your Team – Make Provisions For Entry-Level Positions

Although most agencies would prefer to go for people with years of experience, it makes sense to make provisions for entry-level employees. However, you will need to define your hiring priorities, which include an understanding of what kinds of people will be a good fit for the job.

There are a few tips that can help you here:

  • Your job qualifications in the hiring process shouldn’t be too strict– this is because some entry-level employees are capable of learning quickly and can be just as valuable as someone who has experience in the job.
  • In your hiring process, evaluate the ability of your potential employees to adapt to changes rapidly. There are often a lot of changes that come with digital marketing strategies; you would want to ensure that your team would be able to keep up.

Some job positions you can designate for entry-level employees include social media manager, project coordinator, marketing coordinator, etc.

Offer Valuable Content 

More than increasing your price, you will need to make your services valuable and resourceful to your clients. This may require you to add extra features to your services, such as SEO help, email marketing campaigns, website development or edits, maintenance, clients support, etc. You can get creative with the content you offer.

Improve Your Website Design

Your website design will give potential clients and visitors the first impression of your agency. You would want to make the first impression count, as a poor design can drive your potential clients away even if you offer excellent services. Also, make your website easy for people to navigate through both on a PC and a mobile phone.

Improve Your Lead Magnets 

Although most marketing pieces will lead potential clients to your site, it doesn’t guarantee that they will become customers. Some potential clients may not be ready for commitment yet or may be planning for a future purchase. So, give them multiple appealing options when they arrive at your site. It can be something to sign up for, such as an ebook or a useful report to download. Whatever it is, let it keep them engaged in your site. The easier your lead magnets are, the better outcomes you will have.

Respond Quickly to Leads

Generating leads for your agency is only one aspect; closing the deal is another thing. The best way to close deals is to respond quickly when you generate a lead. The sooner you respond to a new client, the better chances you have of securing the deal. Even with an effective inbound marketing design, you are more likely to lose out when you fail to respond to a new client.

Be Consistent With Social Media Posting

Creating content on social media consistently is a good way to increase your brand awareness and scale your agency. If you’re unable to post yourself, you can employ the use of automated tools on your social media. Automated tools ensure that your posts are promptly uploaded when they should; it would also give you time to attend to other matters.

Tell Your Brand’s Success Story

Part of scaling your brand involves presenting your brand in the best light possible. Do not hold back in updating your online presence with your brand’s success stories, especially the recent ones. Through your website and social media channels, you can showcase how you overcame tough challenges in the business and exceeded the expectations in a demanding climate. You can also request testimonials from clients you’ve worked with and publish their feedback on your site or social media handles.

Maintain Existing Relationships With Old Clients

One of the things you need for scaling up your digital marketing agency is a solid base of happy customers. Because scaling requires commitment and time, you’re likely to forget your old clients as you go about building your agency and securing new leads. However, neglecting relationships with old clients can be detrimental to both your scaling efforts and your reputation as an agency.

Keep track of Your Data 

Keeping track of data is important in any business. It is also important when trying to scale up. Data helps you track information. This would help you gain insight into your progress and mistakes over the years and help you to recognize patterns and learn from them. That way, you would know what to improve on and what to discard. Some examples of things you can track include; the organic traffic to your site, engagements, source of engagements, lead magnets, sales, social media stats, partners, customers, etc. 

Delegate Tasks When Necessary

One of the things that come with scaling up is an increasing number of tasks, from clients’ needs to other essentials such as social media needs, marketing, emailing, etc. You now have a lot to do. Luckily, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. You can delegate all marketing-related needs, such as developing new marketing strategies, to the marketing team. You can also delegate other smaller tasks to the new entry-level employees.

Scaling a digital marketing agency involves many factors. While you may not be able to follow every tip mentioned here immediately, each tip is valuable and can lead to more growth for your agency. Also, it’s important to note that scaling is not just about securing new deals but setting the stage to enable growth and making your agency more lucrative.

By Manali