A commercial truck is only as good as the sum of its parts. Are some parts more critical than others? Sure, but they all have to work together to ensure your truck is efficient and reliable. And if your truck needs repairs, you may have to hunt for replacement parts.

Generally, aftermarket parts often get a bad rap. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past. An industry-wide shift in focus now ensures you can access high-quality aftermarket parts. If you need to save some cash while maintaining your vehicle, cheaper aftermarket parts are a viable option worth considering. For starters, you can click here for cheap semi truck parts here.

So, which truck parts are the most critical? In this post, we’ll consider general safety and operational efficiency in discussing the equipment you need to keep a close eye on- either on the road or during routine maintenance.

1. Engine 

A working engine means you can efficiently make deliveries. Otherwise, if your truck’s engine stalls- due to a fault- you might need to cancel your trip. Also, if you’ve neglected some element and the engine needs a tune-up or maintenance, it’s best to get these out of the way. Otherwise, you’ll simply drive up your operational costs by running an inefficient engine.

Besides, keeping your engine in good health allows you to make the most of your truck. Thus, regularly scheduled maintenance can help you identify issues you need to address before they spiral and lead to costly repairs or replacements.

2. Transmission

Your engine and transmission work in tandem, delivering the power that moves your truck. A truck also uses a clutch, which links and disengages both components while the vehicle is running. Also, without a properly functioning transmission, your vehicle can’t change gears or drive the wheels. In turn, the truck wouldn’t haul any loads.

What’s more, just like the engine, your transmission comprises many moving parts, each of which has a defined function. You can avert potential component failure through routine preventive maintenance of your truck’s transmission. Even better, by replacing components that show signs of wear with aftermarket parts, you may avoid full-blown transmission failure and its attendant woes.

3. Tires and Brakes

Tires provide a contact patch by supporting the entire weight of your truck. They also give traction and help maintain your truck’s grip on the road. Depending on the terrain you’re driving on, you need the right tires for the job. For instance, manufacturers recommend using winter tires for icy roads and off-road tires if you intend to drive mostly on dirt roads.

Overall, by keeping your tires in tip-top shape, you would be investing in your driving crews’ safety. In fact, most surveys show that tire failure is cited as a major cause of highway accidents. Hence, we can’t overstate the importance of regularly inspecting your truck’s tires to ensure they are fit for the job.

Along the same lines, your brake system is often your first line of defense if you encounter the unexpected while driving. Imagine driving a fully loaded truck without adequate braking power, perhaps due to a leak in the braking system- that’s not a predicament any trucker would wish to be in. Thankfully, you can access affordable heavy-duty truck parts to rectify issues and maintain your brakes. These components may include:

  • Diaphragms
  • Brake drums and shoes
  • Brake valves
  • Spring brake assemblies

Be proactive; don’t wait for a breakdown to address an issue with your truck. By keeping your tires and brake system in optimal condition, you can lower the risk of mishaps.

4. Lights 

Is it possible to drive at night without your truck’s lights? Besides breaking the law, you’d be putting yourself and other road users in harm’s way.

Interestingly, most people don’t think much about their trucks’ lights until darkness strikes and their lights don’t work. Oops! In some cases, all it might take is to replace your headlight bulb, and voila! You’re back on the road. But, you may experience hard-to-trace electrical wiring issues that would keep you off the highway.

Plus, your truck’s lighting system includes many parts, including harnesses, turn lights, tail lights, backup, and marker lights. Each light has a function, and without them, you may endanger yourself and other road users. Before hitting the road, ensure your entire lighting system is working, and if possible, have spare parts handy- just in case.  

5. Suspension and Steering

Your truck’s suspension and steering work hand in hand to promote stability and ensure controlled motion. Besides supporting the car, your suspension delivers a smoother ride. Thus, to avoid significant repairs or issues down the road due to neglect, evaluate your truck’s suspension and steering regularly and fix problems right away.

On the whole, these are merely some of the critical parts your truck needs to function optimally. Check out Affordable Heavy Truck Parts’ online catalog for a comprehensive list of vital components you may require.

By Manali