DUI/DWI charges are serious offenses resulting in jail time, probation, loss of driving privileges, and expensive fines. The worse is that getting a record for DUI/DWI can make it hard to find employment or housing. If you have been charged with DUI or DWI, it is important to understand the severity of the charge and what you can do to protect your rights. A team of experienced DUI attorneys can help you navigate the criminal justice system, understand the charges against you, and develop a defense strategy. 

When do you need a lawyer for a DUI/DWI charge?

Even though you’re entitled to represent yourself in court, a DUI/DWI charge is a crime in almost all states. Depending on the severity of your offense, the penalties can be quite harsh. If you’re facing a DUI/DWI charge, it’s always in your best interest to have a lawyer represent you.

A DUI/DWI charge can be complicated, and the prosecution will do everything they can to prove your guilt. With a lawyer on your side, you’ll have someone who knows the law and can fight for your rights.

There are some exceptions, though. If it’s your first offense and the blood alcohol content (BAC) was below 0.08%, you might be able to get away with a fine and attend a driving course. In this case, you might not need a lawyer.

The prosecutor might also offer you a ‘Standard Offer.’ This is where they offer you a plea deal that includes a guilty plea in exchange for a lighter sentence if it’s your first offense. However, that might be a starting point of a long tiring process. 

A DUI/DWI lawyer can find some weaknesses in the case or bring mitigating factors into play that could lead to a lighter sentence or have the charges against you dropped entirely. 

Without a lawyer, you might not be able to navigate the system effectively. You could end up with a harsher sentence than necessary, especially if you’re facing a second or third offense. In short, it’s always in your best interest to have a lawyer represent you.

When is the Best Time to Hire a DUI/DWI Lawyer?

The best time to hire a lawyer is as soon as possible after being arrested or charged. The sooner you have a lawyer on your side, the sooner they can begin building a defense on your behalf. If you wait to hire a lawyer, it may be more difficult to collect evidence and witnesses that could help your case.

You want the lawyer to be able to have time to investigate the case, file motions if necessary, and be prepared for trial. The earlier you hire a lawyer, the more time they will have to do these things.

What if You Cannot Afford a Lawyer?

If you face DUI/DWI charges and cannot afford to hire a lawyer, you have the right to be a public defender. A public defender is a lawyer who is appointed by the court to represent defendants who cannot afford an attorney.

Getting a public defender is a two-step process. First, you will need to fill out an application and submit it to the court. The court will then review your application and decide whether or not to appoint a public defender to your case.

If you are approved for a public defender, the court will assign one to your case. You will then meet with your public defender, and they will help you understand the charges against you and begin developing a defense.

Private DUI/DWI lawyers will always be better than public defenders. Public defenders are often overworked and may not have the time to devote to your case that a private lawyer would. Private DUI/DWI lawyers also have more experience and resources than public defenders.

If you can afford to hire a private DUI/DWI lawyer, it is always in your best interest to do so. If you cannot afford to hire a private lawyer, a public defender is your next best option.

 What Should You Look for in a DUI/DWI Lawyer?

When you are looking for a DUI/DWI lawyer, you want to find someone with experience handling these types of cases. The more experience they have, the better they will be at defending you.

You also want to find a lawyer that you feel comfortable with. This is someone with who you will be sharing a lot of personal information, so it is important that you feel comfortable with them.

Finally, you want to find a lawyer that you can afford. DUI/DWI cases can be expensive, so you want to make sure you can afford the lawyer you hire.

DUI/DWI charges are serious and should not be taken lightly. If you face these charges, you should hire a lawyer to represent you. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better. A DUI/DWI lawyer can help you understand the charges against you and develop a defense.

By Manali