Customer opinion is important for any business, small or large. It helps a business to gauge customer satisfaction, understand what customers like and don’t like, and make necessary changes. And if you’re a customer hunting for a particular cannabis product, you can check out a CBD Dispensary in Boystown here.

While at it, you’ll want to shop at a dispensary that values you and whose owners or budtenders listen to your opinion. Without your input, such businesses can’t identify problems early on and make changes to prevent them from becoming bigger issues.

Your opinion should count, as it can help CBD dispensaries develop new ideas to improve service delivery or their products. In short, paying attention to customer opinion is a worthwhile investment for any business.

So, what are other customers saying about cannabis dispensaries near Lakeview, Chicago, IL? Here are the general sentiments expressed by most customers, although this may vary- depending on whose opinion you seek.

1. They Love Personalized Service 

When researching available CBD products, customers want and know they can count on dispensaries offering personalized services. As a result, businesses should take the time to get to know each of their customers and their unique needs. In so doing, they can help them find the right products.

Put plainly, budtenders should be happy to offer expert advice to clients. For instance, this may mean helping them find a tincture to manage anxiety or a topical cream to relieve pain.

Dealing with friendly and helpful staff also helps, according to some customers. So, if you own or manage a dispensary, ensure your team provides the best possible customer service.

2. Shops Should Deal with Trusted Brands

Providing a great customer experience is essential to the success of any business. In the CBD industry, this is especially true. Given the wide range of products and brands, partnering with trusted brands can make a big difference.

Customers want to buy products from reputable sellers. That way, they can rest assured that they are getting quality and untainted CBD products. Plus, many customers have go-to brands they trust for their needs. If they don’t find products from the brands they fancy at a particular outlet, they’ll probably look elsewhere.

Some customers also opine that CBD Dispensaries should sell CBD products tested in third-party labs for quality and safety. This is another way to build trust with customers and ensure they are getting the best possible products.

By carrying brands known for quality and reliability, businesses can give customers the confidence they need to make purchase decisions. Besides, developing relationships with these brands allows a business to access valuable resources that can help them educate their staff and provide better customer service. Ultimately, partnering with trusted brands is key to enhancing the customer experience at a CBD dispensary.

3. A Wide Selection of Products Matters

Most customers point out that they want a wide selection of products. Having an array of options means customers are more likely to find the products they need.

For instance, some customers might be looking for a specific type of gummy, while others might want to try a new type of topical CBD cream. By having a wide selection, dispensaries can ensure there is something for everyone.

Moreover, customers appreciate being able to find all the products they need in one place. That way, they don’t have to go from shop to shop looking for their favorite concentrate, tincture, gummy, or CBD oil.

All the same, some shops don’t have all the products some customers need, while others seem to carry a wide selection. Some customers also complain that after ordering a CBD product, they later find out that their selected item is out of stock when they head out to pick it up. To avoid this problem, call the dispensary ahead of time to ensure the product you want is in stock. This way, you can get the CBD product you need without a hassle.

4. They Want Quick Service 

Customers who shop at a CBD store want the process to be quick and easy. And let’s face it, the prospect of waiting in line for an eternity to get your hands on a CBD product isn’t exciting.

CBD businesses should value their customers’ time by providing quick and efficient service. Simply put, they should understand that customers don’t want to waste time searching through aisles and aisles of products.

This may imply redesigning stores so clients can quickly find what they’re after. Thus, many customers claim that they prefer shopping in CBD dispensaries offering quick, easy, and convenient services.

Overall, CBD dispensaries that want to be successful should take heed of the advice given by their customers. And by listening to their customers’ concerns, they can better understand what they need to do to provide an excellent customer experience.

By Manali