The Australian Federal Government legalized the use of medical cannabis in 2016. Since then, medical cannabis has gained traction and popularity in the treatment of health problems. Over time, the adoption has grown, with more than 100 different cannabis products available to prescribe. Click here for cannabis Australia.

With the growing use of medical cannabis in Australia, more people are yet to experience the medicinal advantages. Find below some of the medicinal benefits of using cannabis in Australia.

Chronic pain relief

Chronic pain is one of the leading problems affecting young adults and adults in Australia. This problem can be traced back to different problems, including lifestyle choices, accidents or physical injury, occupational hazards, etc.

Medical marijuana contains hundreds of chemical compounds, many of which are cannabinoids. These cannabinoids bind with receptors in the body to provide pain relief to users. By using cannabinoids, more people have been able to deal with chronic pain arising from cancer treatment, arthritis, joint-related problems, and more.

Improves lung capacity

Smoking cigarettes has been proven times and again to be bad for the health and lungs. However, a study has found that smoking cannabis has health advantages, including lung capacity improvement.

More cannabis smokers may have benefited from this health advantage to improve their lung health, breathing capacity, and overall blood circulation.

Help lose weight

Cannabis contains many compounds, some of which help in losing weight. A huge percentage of cannabis users, including smokers, have been able to control their weight by leveraging the chemical compounds linked to insulin regulation. Medical marijuana has also been linked with caloric intake efficiency.

Diabetes prevention and management

Medical marijuana has been linked to insulin efficiency. With insulin being the major chemical compound for breaking down calories, medical cannabis users stand a chance to better manage their diabetic condition or prevent it.

The American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) in a study has also reported medical cannabis to be an effective treatment for blood sugar stabilization, blood circulation, and lowering blood pressure.

Fighting and managing cancer

The cancer rate has been on the increase in the last decade. However, medical marijuana has been proven effective in fighting cancer. Several research studies into medical cannabis and cancer have also yielded positive results indicating improvements in patients and cancer victims.

Treats depression and anxiety

Mental health problems like depression and anxiety are on the increase. More recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused an increase in depression and anxiety diagnoses. Medical cannabis has proven effective in managing this condition, especially as more people have reported elated moods triggered by the endocannabinoid compound contained in cannabis.

Medical cannabis has also been proven to be effective in mood regulation while preventing the common health hazards associated with medication use.

Regulates seizures

Medical cannabis is now used in treating epileptic seizures and other forms of seizures. This is because the cannabinoid compound has a calming effect on the muscles, thus reducing the frequency of muscle spasms and seizures. By using medical marijuana, more people have been able to manage their epileptic seizures better.

Medical cannabis helps with ADHD/ADD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) often affects the victim’s ability to focus for a prolonged period. Victims also tend to experience challenges with cognitive performance and long-term concentration. Several studies have shown the impact of medical cannabis in minimizing this concentration problem, improving focus, and helping AADHD/ADD victims function properly in a structured setting.

Reduces Alzheimer’s disease development

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative problem affecting the victim’s cognitive performance. This problem can lead to memory loss and other related issues. Being incurable as of now, medical marijuana has shown promise in the management of health problems. Now, more victims can slow down the degenerative process by leveraging the cannabinoids contained in medical marijuana.

Helps with PTSD symptoms

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is often common in people who have undergone traumatic experiences. The symptoms may persist for years and cause social anxiety, withdrawal, and even depression. Medical marijuana has proven effective in dealing with this mental health problem while eliminating the common downsides of PTSD treatment, including addiction to medication.

Treats inflammatory diseases and offers relief to multiple sclerosis victims

Inflammatory diseases are often accompanied by pain and discomfort. Most victims rely on the use of pain relief medications to go about their day. However, medical marijuana presents pain management solutions while also addressing the inflammatory problem.

Pain management advantages are also essential to individuals suffering from multiple sclerosis disease. With medical marijuana, painful contractions are reduced or eliminated, depending on the dosage and use.

Medical cannabis has proven effective in managing and treating a wide range of health conditions among Australians and worldwide. More people are realizing these advantages and taking advantage of them to improve their health and wellness.

By Manali