Eastern world refers to countries of Asia as well as the Middle East whereas Western world is a reference to North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zeeland. East and West can differ in many ways based on cultural. The differences are evident mostly in the way people behave and attitudes. Since the term “east” and “west” refers to diverse cultures and countries spread across the globe and across the globe, no generalization is able to evaluate the two different cultures. The primary distinction between western and eastern cultures is that those in the east tend to be more traditional and strict and conservative than those living who live in western countries.

Eastern culture comprises Asia as well as Asia and the Middle East, while the west includes South as well as North America, European countries, New Zealand and Australia. There are many differences between the East and West have a variety of differences due to their cultural background which can be seen in the people’s behavior and attitudes.

If a comparison between west and eastern culture is conducted one of the main difference between western and eastern culture is that those located in the West are more open than those in East. Western culture permits individuals to become more flexible and open. It is possible to discuss subjects which are considered unacceptable in Eastern cultures, and are permitted to express their emotions and vent their anger if they feel they need to. This kind of behavior isn’t allowed to be permitted in the eastern culture. People tend to approach difficult situations using appropriate attitudes and manners, and not to use aggression.

Another western and eastern cultural comparison is that one who is who is from in the West is more independent and able to make decisions independently, unlike the East where families have to make decisions together. The third reason is that arranged marriages aren’t the main element of western culture since love is believed as the method by which couples tie the knot.

Do we ever see any commonalities between western and eastern cultural practices?

There are many schools of thought that believe that there isn’t enough common basis between western and eastern cultures to share the same traits. Certain aspects are distinct, such as the different types of religions found that are found in the eastern world that are not shared by western cultures, like Islam, Hinduism, Shenism, Buddhism, Jainism and Taoism. Rituals and clothing are different from the cultures of the east such as Indians honoring elders or parents by touching their feet. East Asians bow their heads to show respect when greeting guests, thanking them and then apologizing. In terms of religions and beliefs, the oriental cultures are unable to challenge them, regardless of what they may be feeling. However, the majority of people will not be averse to religious beliefs and nobody will consider it a problem.

Elders make the decisions in the eastern culture.

The differences between the western and eastern cultures can be observed by studying the role of elders. In the eastern culture elders serve as the main leaders within the home, which means that children follow what the elders tell them without asking questions. All important decisions with a child is usually taken by the elders. As parents age and children become dependent, they are usually the ones to assume the responsibility of caring for their parents. In Western cultures the care of an elderly person is the responsibility of the government in partnership along with the children and other family members.

The majority of marriages are planned in Eastern cultures. They are usually planned by the couple’s parents or by another older member of the family. It is believed that love is the result of marriage, and not the reverse.

There are few similarities in education between western and eastern culture

The parallel between western and eastern culture highlights that western education places emphasis on creativity and encourages students to learn as much as they like. The other way to think about it is that in Eastern education, success is tied to perseverance and dedication. It means you can do anything if you put in enough. Eastern culture students often perform well academically studying in a western environment due to the fact that they work harder than children from western cultures.

Western students are encouraged to take part in debates and to ask questions. However, this is not in the eastern culture where what teachers say is always correct. In addition, there is an special effort made in western culture to include children classified as having special needs. They attend classes alongside other students. This isn’t the norm in Eastern cultures where children with special needs are taught in separate classrooms.

Here is a significant difference between western culture and eastern culture.

Eastern world is a term used to describe countries that are located in Asia and the Middle East. Eastern people have more traditions than those from the West when we look at their customs, rituals, clothes, etc. For instance, Indians pay respect to their elders by touching their feet. Eastern Asians make bows to show gestures of greeting, apology and gratitude. The people of the East are strict in their beliefs and beliefs. They are usually unwilling to question and challenge the centuries-old customs and practices.

In the eastern world the elders are thought of as the supreme authority of the household Children respect and obey their decisions in all matters. The crucial decisions for children’s future are generally made by elders. When parents get old they expect their children to care for them.

Weddings that are planned are a common practice in Eastern countries. They are typically planned by elders or parents. The factors such as education, social status and family history are taken into account in these weddings. The notion that love can be found after the marriage is also promoted in these weddings. Furthermore the public display of love are usually not accepted in Eastern nations.

Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Shenism, and Taoism are some of the main religious practices in these countries. The rituals and practices of various communities can also vary in accordance with these faiths.

Western World mainly refers to Europe and North America. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are among the most widely practiced religions across this Western world.

West-coasters have more freedom of thought than people who live in east. Westerners are more open and honest. For instance, subjects like having a baby and sexuality are forbidden in certain countries of the east.

The people of the west are less frank about their emotions. If they’re upset they can express. But those from the east may conceal their feelings in the name of diplomacy and respect. Westerns might also show their emotions and feelings publicly.

Additionally, an individual is considered to be more important than family members and therefore, a person is given more autonomy and is able to make decisions on their own, in contrast to those of the east. So, notions such as arranged marriages aren’t typical in the west. couples marry in the love of their partner.

In western society relationships are not structured in a hierarchical manner and all people are considered to be equal in importance and respect regardless of age or professional qualifications however, in the oriental culture, people with a higher age or more professional qualifications are thought to be more considerate and significant.

Furthermore, in western there are people who are more focused in their approach to spending time, which means that they view time as money and they want to finish their work without wasting time, while to the east, individuals tend to be more focused on events and want spending their energy developing connections.

When it comes to speaking People in the west are honest, while those in the east prefer harmony over honesty. That is, they’d rather be honest and preserve harmony within the relationship, rather instead of speaking the truth.

In addition, westerners are self-sufficient and can do things by themselves. On one hand oriental culture is divided into different kinds of society. For instance, those in the upper levels of society employ those from the lower levels of society to assist the latter financially.

In terms of food, the eastern culture is known for its hospitality. westerners see the same kind of hospitality as extravagant and are more efficient, which the easterners consider to be unconsiderative.

There is also a distinction in ethics, which is the way something is deemed as right or wrong. In Eastern culture ethics are founded on shame and honor. If something is a source of honor for your community, it’s thought to be right, and If something is a source of shame for the society, it’s thought to be in violation. However, this does not happen with the western society. In western society, ethics are dependent on the laws. If something is in line with the law, it is thought to be right , but if something is against the law, it’s thought to be illegal.

Another excellent model of culture that can help you draw an accurate picture of cultural differences is Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory

By Manali