The video stage in the selection process has become increasingly common in the market, as part of the candidate’s presentation to the company. The purpose of this video is to be an extra filter before interviews so that recruiters are more certain about the potential candidate’s alignment with the company’s values.

In recent years, the job market has undergone a major overhaul. This also results in several new people management tools and techniques that make HR’s life easier, such as the use of Recruiting video in the selection process, which we will address in this article.

After all, while some technologies come to facilitate something that is already done, others bring new possibilities — this is the case of using videos to select the best possible candidates for the vacancies available in your company.

Whether by sending personal videos by the interested party or conducting interviews in the format, the fact is that the trend continues to grow. You’re not going to stay out of this one, are you? So, read on and learn all the advantages of using video in the selection process!

Why use videos in the selection process? 4 main advantages

Stay on top of a trend that is here to stay

Especially in particularly intense moments regarding competitiveness and/or instability in the market, keeping up to date is essential for the company to continue surviving in the midst of competition. After all, if you ignore or don’t know how to use the news, you will be left behind while other companies advance.

In addition to opening up new possibilities for your company, investing in technology also allows you to make your work easier in many ways (more on this later!).

In this context, the use of video in the selection process has become a trend due to the excellence of its results and, therefore, those who do not follow this path will soon establish themselves as an unmodern company interested in evolving.

Optimize company processes

In general, we can say that the technology as a whole has the intention of optimizing the way things were done until then — in addition to, as we have already mentioned, expanding the range of possibilities.

Therefore, implementing technology in selection processes allows you to create personalized calls and attract the best candidates for the advertised vacancy. After all, you’ll be doing it in a dynamic and modern way, giving an interesting revamp to something as “ordinary” as a job ad.

In addition, simply receiving candidate videos streamlines processes by reducing the time it would take for you to serve you in person. Often, with a 2-minute video of a candidate, you are already able to do a better screening, taking only the most aligned candidates to the next steps.

Another advantage is that you can organize all files in a single space, making the evaluation process more productive.

Facilitate candidate management

Using the management system best suited to your goals and needs, you can organize everything that involves the selection process in one place. In this way, it is easier to manage the videos received, send feedback to candidates, call them to new steps in the process, check those who have not yet sent the videos, etc.

This can help you not to take the risk of forgetting to give feedback to someone, for example, or to charge a video that has already been sent.

Another benefit of the technology is that you will be able to include candidates from other locations in the selection process, who will not need to travel only to this stage. Then, if they are called for other selection stages or even for the vacancy, they can start all the necessary procedures for the relocation, if they accept.

Plan an efficient and centralized recruitment and selection process in one place and reduce your turnover

Cost reduction

In addition to everything we’ve already talked about here, another of the main reasons to invest in the use of video in the selection process is how much it increases the chances of you finding ideal candidates in less time.

The dynamics achieved through the videos make you have a better understanding of who the candidate really is, both personally and professionally. Thus, the chances of hitting the selection squarely increase considerably.

In addition to being beneficial for the team and for the company’s productivity, this also reduces expenses with the selection process.

These savings can come either directly, as you spend less time and resources on candidates at advanced stages, or indirectly, as you can avoid hiring candidates who are then laid off or leave the company.

This way, you also decrease the need for rework — which, of course, results in even greater savings.

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By Manali