Class action lawsuits are also called mass tort litigation in which a group of people with similar situations come together and join each other in filing single litigation. This type of lawsuit helps the needy, who are not able to file the case individually because of the lack of resources. The people, who have been harmed in a similar manner come together and file a lawsuit against the company. Moreover, it also assists people who have been injured after purchasing black oxygen. They can be considered in a black oxygen class action to look for the solution. 

Filing a single case against a large company

It has been observed that a person may not able to file a case against a large company because he does not have sufficient funds and time. The class action gives an opportunity to such people who can come together and file a lawsuit against a corporation or a large company. They can hire an attorney who deals in such cases. He will help these people with everything after they have submitted the proof and relevant documents.  Some of the cases that can be filed under this category include:

  • Illegal business practices
  • Defective medication
  • False advertisement 
  • Employee discrimination
  • Breach of contract 

It might seem complicated but the right lawyer can make things better and simpler for people who have been injured due to the negligence of big companies.

Pros of litigation

  • You may win a higher amount of money if you pursue the case in court.
  • You don’t have to give up on any legal right to sue the defendant party.
  • All your legal rights as an injured person will be protected and the judge and the jury will give a final verdict based on your physical and mental condition. The law will stand on your side.

Cons of litigation 

  • You might have to spend more time and money fighting your case.
  • No attorney can assure you that you will win the case.
  • If you lose the case, you will also lose the money, which was offered in the settlement.

Settlement in a car accident claim 

The settlement can happen at any time before or after filing the case. You can decide whether you want to accept the offer and opt-out of litigation.

Pros of settlement

  • It is less expensive and takes less time to overcome the hurdles and worries
  • You will always receive something, maybe a lesser amount but will not lose it.


  • The amount may be lesser.
  • You may lose your legal rights to sue the person.

Your attorney will assess all your options and suggest the best solution. 

Advantages of a Class-Action Lawsuit

One of the reasons why it is beneficial for you to file class action litigation is because it will not cost you as much as it does if you file individually. If you have been harmed due to a poor product or medicine, you can search online and find people who have a similar situation. 

If possible, you can get in touch with them and ask if they are ready to file a case. If they are willing, you can save a good amount of money. The group’s lawyer will prepare and file a lawsuit based on the facts collected from different people. This way, you might have to pay a little fee.

After winning the case, you will get compensation for the injuries you have received. The company is made to pay the harmed people. In most cases, the attorney gets the fee after the case is won, which is also known as a contingency fee structure.


By Manali