Lights You Can Use Around The House

Lights can bring together the ambiance of a house. A well-lit room gives a relaxing and comforting vibe that makes people inside the room feel welcome. Strategically placed Lights can bring accents and visuals to the room.

There are a million ways to decorate the interior of the house using lamps and other lighting equipment.  Here we present to you five ways you can decorate each room of your house with different lighting that can bring together the theme of each room.

1. Accent Lights

Accent Lights are directional lights. The purpose of accent Lights is to provide visual separation to the room. Wall-mounted sconces are a great example of accent Lights. Table lamps and floor lamps can also serve the purpose.

Accent Lights can be used to highlight certain art pieces like paintings, sculptures, or other artifacts that you want to bring in centre of attention. 

2. Ambiance Lights

As the name indicates, ambiance Lights have the sole purpose of bringing an ambiance to a room. For example, a chandelier over the dining table can recreate an ambiance during intimate dinners. Overhead lights produce a desired ambiance in the room.

However, ambiance lights need to be complemented with other light sources to bring out a contrast. There are plenty of options for modern chandeliers at James Said that can help you choose the best option for your home.

3. Designer Lights

Designer lights create the personality of the room. For example, if you are a woman who loves makeup and getting ready. You can create your dressing corner with white lights designed specifically to give a clearer look in the mirror.

Neon lights in the shape of stars, moon, or your kid’s favorite character can bring together a theme in your kid’s bedroom.

4. Mood Lights

Just like wall colors and paintings affect mood, lights tend to affect the mood of people sitting inside a room. You do not want a brightly lit bedroom or a very dark living room. Each room has its ambiance which can be manipulated using lights. Mood Lights can change a normal room to a romantic place in minutes.

Putting lamps and sconces in your bedroom or a room where you are hosting an intimate gathering can bring together the theme of the room. These lights can change the energy of a room. Keeping your study room lit by a single study lamp will make you read with greater comfort.

5. Task Lights

Task Lights are a few times brighter than the ambiance lights.  These lights are the primary Lights in a room. They provide illumination at workspaces, for example over kitchen counters under cabinets, writing tables, etc. They can minimize the need for overhead lights, therefore helping you reduce energy consumption to a large extent.

Task Lights can also reduce eye strain. Therefore, they are a must-have in every house,  especially at places where work involving concentration is done.

By Manali