WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for running websites and weblogs. The phenomenon of this product lies in its perfect functionality and the large number of add-ons that the prepared sites can be equipped with. One of the programming languages that can come in handy is PHP. A large number of cooperating frameworks gives WordPress a whole new functionality. Which of them is good to know?

The best-functioning PHP frameworks

One of the first is Laravel. It is considered the most popular PHP framework that works with WordPress. Positioned as a solution for “web artisans,” it meets the expectations of its developers, allowing programmers to create beautiful, modern designs. Laravel is prized by novice developers for its shallow learning curve, simplicity, and top-notch training materials. At the same time, experienced PHP engineers praise its built-in development environment, template engine, and RESTful routing system.

Another frequently used solution by custom WordPress development services is Zend. Due to its component-based nature, it is referred to by the PHP community as a glue framework. In fact, with Zend, you can freely load only the necessary components as individual libraries, promoting code reuse. The framework contains a rich internal library and can be freely integrated with many external libraries. This provides excellent opportunities relative to the programming of web applications created by WordPress. Using Zend, you can significantly improve the functionality of the site.

Lesser known but still useful

Deciding on another framework – CakePHP – you get a solid set of basic features necessary for PHP development. MVC support, an excellent selection of helpful plugins and components, code reusability, and out-of-the-box AJAX support. What sets CakePHP apart is its emphasis on coding conventions, which speed up the development process, but on the other hand, can stifle your creativity.

Solution for high-priority tasks

Symfony is another trendy PHP framework that allows you to build robust applications quickly. One of the main reasons why Symfony has gained popularity is its flexibility. You can choose from many components such as Doctrine ORM, HttpFoundation, Twig templating engine, or even Zend Server. As you know, many projects start small but grow into bigger ones. This means that if you are planning to create something big, Symfony may not fit your needs. Symfony is designed only for large-scale software development.

In conclusion, WordPress is an excellent technology that web developers will still use for many years. That’s because it’s a well-functioning and stable technology that gives a vast range of possibilities, and using PHP frameworks further improves its functionality. It is worth knowing the above technologies, as they offer the opportunity to enhance the functionality of a site built on WordPress significantly. They are structured so that both beginners and experienced developers can use them. Everyone will find their favorite features in a wide range of possibilities.

By Manali