Selling your home is a big decision to make, and it’s just a one-time payment scenario. Most people prefer renting out their homes to create a stabilized source of income. However, there are both pros and cons to selling one’s house and renting it out. It’s best to consider every factor of selling or renting out before making the big decision.

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Factors to consider when renting out the property

Profit Return

 The first thing to consider when renting out the property is if it will generate a steady flow of cash or not. This depends on the cost of renting out the property. Some expenses of renting out a home include maintenance costs, advertising costs, the real estate agent’s fee for finding the tenants, taxes on the property. These expenses can vary depending on the methods used. Another factor to consider is the availability of tenants. It’s not necessary that the rental house will have tenants the entire time.

Being a landlord

Being a landlord is not for everyone and it can be extremely stressful as landlords have little control over the tenant’s behavior and lifestyle. Tenants can be of two types, the ones who treat the rental property like their own and pay the rent on time, and those who wreck the rental property and seldom pay rent on time.

Even if the tenants are on their best behavior, it is highly unlikely that they will maintain the property as the landlord would. So, after they leave, the house will need a fresh coat of paint and new carpets for the new tenants.

Security to move back in

For those who are relocating for a short period of time, renting out the property can give a sense of security as the landlords can always move back in. When the property is sold, the seller does not have the security of returning home, and if they make a bad investment, they can end up on the streets. 

Factors to consider when selling the property

Freedom to Relocate.

Often the individual will move to a different city and if the house is up for rent, it becomes hard to maintain it and get the tenants to pay rent on time. Selling the property can free one of the burdens of having to worry about maintaining the rental property. It can also prove to be beneficial and more cost-efficient than having to hire a property manager and pay other expenses for the rental home.

Upfront Payment

One of the many reasons why people prefer selling the property instead of putting it up for rent is the instant flow of cash. This money helps the seller cover up some of the cost of their new homes. Most people will see selling the house as an instant way to earn quick money in case of emergencies as well, such as moving abroad for a new job or a medical treatment that requires large sums of money. 

No Tenants to Worry About

Tenants can cause a lot of stress if they don’t pay up on time. If landlords wait on the tenant’s rent, they can face losses and if they kick the tenants out, it’ll be some time before new tenants can occupy the property. In these scenarios, it is best to sell the property to rid oneself of the worries of tenants not paying rent on time or damaging the property and running away.

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In the end, selling the house or renting it out is a pretty big thing and should be done very carefully. It is best to not rush into selling the property or putting it up for rent. If the seller plans on moving to another country, it’s best to sell the house if a property manager fees it too high. However, if the seller plans on staying close by, it’s best to rent the property for a stable source of income.

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